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Randy Johnson checked into a hotel under the name of a dead-ball era Hall of Fame pitcher

Randy Johnson checked into a hotel as Eddie Plank

Sure, Randy Johnson has been elected to the Hall of Fame, but how do we know he's really famous? Simple - he uses a pseudonym when he checks into hotels.

It's unlikely that Johnson does this all the time (after all, he tends to stick out in a crowd), but for the three days of Hall of Fame media events, Big Unit became Gettysburg Eddie, otherwise known as Eddie Plank:

It's a fitting comparison. Plank was one of the greatest left-handed pitchers of his era (sound familiar?) and the first MLB pitcher to reach 300 wins (that should ring a bell too). From 1901-1917, he put 326 in the "W" column and tallied 2,246 strikeouts with a career 2.35 ERA. His lifetime 69 shutouts are still the record for southpaws.

And just like Johnson, he had plenty to do when his career in baseball was over. Gettysburg Eddie simply continued his off-season job as a battlefield tour guide of, you guessed it, Gettysburg National Military Park. According to the New York Times, Plank was even known to take his teammates on tours:

"On Nov. 6, 1913, less than a month after he pitched a two-hitter that clinched the team's World Series victory over the New York Giants, Plank was photographed with Connie Mack, the A's manager, and three other men in an automobile alongside a boulder."

Does this mean Johnson will take his new Hall of Fame classmates on his next photography safari? We can only hope: