2016 Rule 5 Draft results: Track every pick

December 7th, 2016

The final day of the Winter Meetings began with the annual Rule 5 Draft. Teams were only able to make a selection if they have space on their 40-man roster.
Major League phase
Round 1
1. Twins:  Miguel Diaz, RHP, Brewers
2. Reds: Luis Torrens, C, Yankees
3. Padres: Allen Cordoba, SS, Cardinals
4. Rays: Kevin Gadea, Mariners
5. Braves: Armando Rivero, RHP, Cubs  
6. D-backs: Tyler Jones, RHP, Yankees
7. Brewers: Caleb Smith, LHP, Yankees
8. Angels  Justin Haley, RHP, Red Sox
9. White Sox:  Dylan Covey, RHP, A's
10. Pirates: Tyler Webb, LHP, Yankees
11. Tigers: Daniel Stumpf, LHP, Royals
12. Orioles: Aneury Tavarez, OF, Red Sox
13. Blue Jays: Glenn Sparkman, RHP, Royals  
14. Red Sox: , SS, Rockies 
15. Indians: Holby Milner, LHP, Phillies 
16. Rangers: Michael Hauschild, RHP, Astros 
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Round 2
17. Reds:  Stuart Turner, C, Twins
18. Orioles:  Anthony Santander, OF, Indians
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Triple-A phase
Round 1
1. Reds:  Jose Adames, RHP, Marlins
2. Padres: Trevor Frank, RHP, Indians
3. Rays: Ty Hensley, RHP, Yankees 
4. Braves: Cesilio Pimentel, LHP, Pirates
5. D-backs: Jon Fitzsimmons, RHP, Indians
6. Phillies: Jorge Flores, SS, Blue Jays
7. Brewers: Art Charles Jr., 1B, Reds
8. Angels: Matthew Williams, INF, Cardinals
9. Rockies: Anthony Bemboom, RHP, Angels
10. Marlins: Cal Towey, OF, Angels
11. Royals: Kevin Magallanes, RHP, Yankees
12. Astros: Eduardo de Oleo, C, D-backs
13. Yankees: Jorge Saez Jr., C, Blue Jays
14. Mariners: Paul Paez, LHP, Mets
15. Cardinals: Austin Wilson, OF, Mariners
16. Tigers: Sean Donatello, RHP, Marlins
17. Orioles: Jefri Hernandez, RHP, Reds
18. Blue Jays: Philp Walby, RHP, Nationals
19. Dodgers: , LHP, Tigers
20. Red Sox: Harrison Cooney, RHP, Angels
21. Rangers: LHP Matt Smoral, Blue Jays
22. Cubs: Kevin Cornelius, INF, Yankees
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Round 2
23. Rays:  Jairo Munoz, RHP, Phillies
24. D-backs: Grant Sides, RHP, Indians
25. Brewers: , RHP, Marlins 
26. Angels: Adrian Almeida, LHP, Mets
27. Marlins: , LHP, Indians
28. Astros: Jared Mortensen, RHP, Rays
29. Yankees: Colten Brewer, RHP, Pirates
30. Mariners: Chuck Taylor, OF, D-backs
31. Tigers: Elvis Rubio, OF, Brewers
32. Orioles: Brian Moran, LHP, Braves
33. Dodgers: Kyle Grana, RHP, Cardinals
34. Red Sox: Joshua Smith, LHP, Pirates
35. Rangers: Zack Bird, RHP, Braves
Round 3
36. D-backs:  Daniel Lockhart, INF, Cubs
37. Angels:  Mario Sanjur, C, Tigers
38. Marlins:  Alex Yarbrough, 2B, Angels
39. Rangers:  Fernando Miranda, RHP, Braves