Your face can make it to ballpark thanks to A's

June 30th, 2020

OAKLAND -- Fans might not get the opportunity to attend live baseball games in 2020, but the A’s may have just come up with the next best thing.

In an effort to make regular-season games in their empty stadium seem a bit more normal, the A’s are offering fans a chance to place themselves at the Oakland Coliseum in the form of cutouts that will be placed throughout the stadium. The cutouts are priced at $49 each for A’s Access Members and $89 for general fans. For $129 each, fans can purchase a Foul Ball Zone cutout. If a foul ball hits one of those cutouts, the A’s will send that fan the ball. Proceeds will benefit the Alameda County Community Food Bank, East Oakland Youth Development Center and Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce.

Fans can send in a photo of themselves in A’s gear to be added to a cardboard cutout. Coliseum Cutouts will be authenticated and recognized by MLB as official “virtual fans,” and they will be placed in seats throughout the ballpark for the 2020 regular season. Fans will also have an option to pick up their cutout following the season.

In addition to being placed at the stadium, all fans who purchase cutouts get to be among the first to watch baseball once fans are allowed back into stadiums with two complimentary tickets to the A’s first home exhibition game of the 2021 season.

Coliseum Cutouts can be purchased at To ensure the cutouts are ready to be set up in the Coliseum for Opening Day, which is expected to happen in late July, the A’s ask that fans purchase their cutouts by July 5.