AL tiebreaker matchups, locations (if needed)

October 3rd, 2021

As we headed into Sunday's action, the Red Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays and Mariners were still in the mix for the two American League Wild Card spots.

The picture crystalized a bit when the Yankees topped the Rays in dramatic fashion on Aaron Judge's walk-off RBI in the ninth inning to send the Bombers into the AL Wild Card Game with a 1-0 victory.

Toronto also took care of business, beating the Orioles, 12-4. But the Blue Jays will need some help, because if Boston beats the Nationals, the Red Sox will claim the other Wild Card spot. The Mariners, meanwhile, need to rally late to keep their hopes alive.

The potential matchups and venues for the different tiebreaker scenarios on Monday -- and possibly Tuesday -- are below.

Scenario #1: 3-Way Tie for 1 Wild Card Spot (BOS, SEA & TOR; NYY Wild Card)

Monday, October 4:

Tuesday, October 5:
BOS @ TOR/SEA Winner

Seeding: BOS is the top seed and chose to win one on the road rather than two at home. SEA is the No. 2 seed and obviously chose to play at home vs. TOR, which could still host a home game Tuesday if it beats SEA on the road.

The winner of Tuesday's game advances to the AL Wild Card Game at New York on Wednesday.

Scenario #2: 2-Way Tie for 1 Wild Card Spot (**NYY Wild Card)**

Monday, October 4:

The winner of this game would advance to the AL Wild Card Game to be played on Tuesday at home of the top AL Wild Card seed.