Cutch kindly tosses balls to fake fans

What a guy

August 12th, 2020

Even though he's a former MVP and one of the biggest stars in baseball -- Andrew McCutchen has always been a good, down-to-earth guy. One of the more famous moments of his career was actually an interaction off the field, when he delivered his batting gloves to some fans who had been cheering for him throughout the game. He made fans for life -- look at these guys.

Cutch knows that fans matter ... and not just real fans. During the Orioles-Phillies game on Tuesday night, Philadelphia's outfielder showed love for the fake fans at Citizens Bank Park. They stood there quietly all game, making sure Cutch could focus on his task at hand. They didn't yell, they didn't jeer, they didn't spill melted nacho cheese all over the field of play.

So, Cutch gifted them with a souvenir for life.

They didn't all seem totally happy about it, but hey, you can't please everybody.