Oct. 10 Andrew Miller postgame interview

October 11th, 2016

Q. At what point in this game were you getting yourself I guess mentally ready to come in? How far did you think you'd be able to go? And did the extra day of rest make a difference?

ANDREW MILLER: I think it made a difference for me today. I think it probably played into Tito's decision to the potential for three days in a row.

I was ready. I stretched pretty much in the third inning I think today, I usually go to the fifth. But that's what I did the other day. Josh was so good that we were pretty comfortable, as comfortable as you can be in a playoff game, that he was throwing the ball well. But the momentum in these games is so crazy how fast it can swing.

I think just ready for anything. I think we all are out there. And it's just kind of all hands on deck. And whenever I get the phone call I try to get ready as quick as I can.

Q. There's always so much talk today about relief pitchers needing to know what their role is, when they're going to come in. Have you ever had that mentality or has it always been for you, whatever inning I'm in, I'm in, and it doesn't really matter whether it's one inning or two innings or whatever the role?

ANDREW MILLER: Yeah, I've answered this question a lot lately. I think it's a luxury as a reliever to have that. I think it's valuable that you have a certain inning or a certain batter or whatever it is. But ultimately the majority of guys sitting in the bullpens, they're prepared from the first inning until the game ends. Most guys kind of work their way back. That was certainly my case. I lost my chances, a shot at the rotation in Spring Training. And I started as the long guy, lefty specialist type situation. So you prepare yourself for anything, and most of us can draw from that experience. Very few guys have been a closer in the Minor Leagues and then installed as a closer pretty quickly in the big leagues.

I've been through it before. Like I said, it's nice to know, but at this time of the year I think we're all just excited to find a way to help the team. And that's what we're trying to do.

Q. You've been part of some really impressive bullpen performances in postseason series over the years. What this group did against this offense, how impressive was it and where does it rank?

ANDREW MILLER: It's impressive because we got it done. This offense that we faced, this team is so great, but particularly from the perspective of a relief pitcher, this offense is just unbelievable. To find a way, it doesn't have to be pretty, and it wasn't tonight.

I think certainly Bryan and Cody and I would like to be more efficient and effective and straightforward, but it's just these guys are so darn good. And just find a way to get it done is all that matters at the end of the day.

You mentioned a team, I was here in the Red Sox, and I think probably the most underappreciated story line from that 2013 team is how good the bullpen was. And I think I can draw from that experience. And I think people are starting to appreciate that more and more.

But we have a tough team ahead of us and I think the three of us that pitched today and all of us are hoping to be more efficient and effective in the next series, but it doesn't get any easier.