Rizzo challenges fans to dance for ducats

Video submissions must contain hashtag #Twerkin4Tix

January 29th, 2017
Anthony Rizzo took to Twitter to invite fans to submit a video to win two tickets to a Cubs game. (AP)

CHICAGO -- likes to dance, and he's invited fans to submit a video to win two tickets to a Cubs game.
The first baseman -- who showed off his moves on "Saturday Night Live" after the Cubs' World Series championship, along with teammates and -- posted a ticket-giveaway offer on Twitter. Fans need to send a video and must use the hashtag #Twerkin4Tix to get two tickets. Rizzo clarified that it didn't have to be twerking and could be someone's best dance move, but the hashtag must be used.

As of Sunday, Rizzo had retweeted a toddler who appears to be twerking, and also a video submitted by a Cincinnati man of his daughter and seven other girls doing a synchronized swim routine indoors. It's very clever.

Rizzo has been busy on Twitter recently, igniting a debate over whether a hot dog is a sandwich or not -- he decided it is, saying "Meat between bread guys come on ... no debate." He followed that with, "Afraid to even ask this one but ketchup or no ketchup?" Next question was, "Left field bleachers or right field bleachers?"

As one person said, "OK that's it. You need to get back to playing baseball young man you are getting into way too much mischief."
Rizzo doesn't have to report to Arizona until Feb. 17. Stay tuned.