Moran lands on DL after foul ball to face

July 23rd, 2017

BALTIMORE -- After hitting his first career home run in his first Major League game of the season Friday night, the Astros' was carted off the field in the sixth inning of Saturday's 8-4 win against the Orioles after taking a deflected pitch to his left cheek and eye. Moran was placed on the 10-day disabled list Sunday morning with a facial fracture and infielder was recalled from Triple-A Fresno.
After a short delay, Moran was carted off the field, but was there to pick him up. With the Astros trailing by a run, Gonzalez came off the bench to finish Moran's at-bat and worked seven more pitches before launching a Statcast-projected 387-foot, three-run home run to put the Astros ahead, 6-4.

"He was clearly out of it, obviously, and in some pain and just a terrible way to get out of the game," Astros manager A.J. Hinch said after the game. "And then the range of emotions goes to extreme thrill for Marwin to come off the bench and work an at-bat. It was a good matchup for him. Just got into the game at a real rough time."
Moran had fouled off an inside pitch that hit off the handle of his bat and deflected straight up as he went to one knee on his follow-through, with the ball hitting him near his left eye and causing immediate bleeding and bruising.
Moran took a few steps toward the Orioles' dugout before dropping to his hands and knees, covering his face. The Astros' athletic training staff was able to get him to stand briefly before he was helped back down to the ground.

"He wasn't feeling very well and he wanted to get off the field, like all players do. Nobody wants to sit down, and as soon as he got up, he thought he was going to pass out, kind of got nauseous," Hinch said. "So we put him back down and called for the cart."
It was clear Moran was not able to walk off the field himself. With the help of the athletic training staff, he was able to sit on the back of a cart and was taken off the field to a loud applause from the crowd at Camden Yards.
"You hate for a guy like that [to get hurt], especially because he's swinging the bat well right now, but more than that, just as a teammate and a member of his baseball family that we obviously wish him a quick recovery," starter said. "I had to look away because I don't like seeing things like that. We got a great training staff, top-notch staff that helps with recovery, so hopefully it's not too bad and we can see him back out here real soon."