Want to pitch like Babe? He'll show you how

January 27th, 2022

Want to learn how to throw a nasty curveball? How about a lesson from Babe Ruth?

Check out this awesome old video of the Great Bambino teaching kids how to throw different pitches.

Ruth, wearing his Yankees uniform, shows how to grip and throw a fastball, curveball and even a knuckleball.

When he demos his curveball, Ruth sends one lucky pupil to the plate with a bat -- and buckles his knees with a sweeping curve.

The Babe, who was of course a star pitcher before he was a home run king, offers his captivated audience advice for each pitch type.

Fastball: "You hold the ball like this, and then when you throw the ball, there's a natural snap of the wrist, which makes the ball break at the finish."

Curveball: "In order to throw a curveball, you just tuck your thumb under a little, and the turn of the wrist makes the ball curve."

Knuckleball: "A knuckleball isn't a snap of the wrist, but it's sort of a push movement, which prevents the ball from spinning."