25 players who fully committed to Photo Day

All the "cheese!" you can take

March 10th, 2021

Photo Day is one of the greatest time-honored baseball traditions. With fans wanting photographic proof that their favorite player does in fact exist and players needing updated photos to frame in their homes (I assume), it's that magical day when every pro hitter and pitcher becomes a child waiting for their yearbook photo.

Some revel in it, bringing a special outfit for their shot. Others avoid it, perhaps believing that the snap of the shutter will steal their soul and, even worse, their swing.

Here are the 24 photos (featuring 25 characters) that really stood out this year:

1. Francisco Lindor - Mets

Lindor was so excited for his first official photo with the Mets that he went out and got the jacket from "Coming to America." That's commitment. The kind of commitment you usually only see from a Queens resident toughing out an 11-2 loss during a blustery day in the upper deck.

2. Sean Doolittle - Reds

Everything's been hard in the last year, and Doolittle proved that even getting your photo taken is tough, too:

3. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. - Blue Jays

Gurriel's anti-gravitational hair was already cool enough. Add in the shock of blue dye and this could be a shampoo advertisement. (Maybe it should be a shampoo advertisement.)

4. Mookie Betts - Dodgers

Gotta love one of the game's biggest superstars -- and a two-time World Series champ -- going with the classic Little League pose.

5. Bo Bichette - Blue Jays

Just look at this photo. Bichette knows what he's doing -- the smirk, the brilliantly white earrings, the come-hither eyes. Bichette just took a thirst trap Spring Training photo. That might be a first in big league history.

6-8. Jazz Chisholm, Monte Harrison, Starling Marte - Marlins

Yoán Moncada might have just dropped a hot new single, but based on this photo, Chisholm might have one on the way, too.

In fact, the entire Marlins photoshoot looked like a great time. Harrison reminded kids to brush their teeth:

And Marte is ready for the next reboot of "Tron."

9. Shane Bieber - Cleveland

After winning the American League Cy Young Award last year, there is only one option: Do Michael Jordan's "Wings."

10. Liam Hendriks - White Sox

I like to think that Hendriks signed with the White Sox specifically so he could take this photo. I mean, when you resemble Jack Parkman from "Major League 2," it's pretty much a requirement.

11-12. Brandon Marsh & Jo Adell - Angels

Beyond Marsh looking like he's actually not had a haircut or beard trim since the pandemic began, this duo is the first to actually pull off a photo that does look like an album cover.

13. Fernando Tatis Jr. - Padres

Here he is, arguably the most exciting player in the game; the one who stands the best chance of being this generation's Ken Griffey Jr. -- and he's smiling like he just wants you to like him. Tatis, man.

14. Dusty Baker - Astros

Look closely and you'll realize there are actually three Dustys in this photo: There's the real one and then the dueling Dusty Baker wristbands.

15. Yadier Molina - Cardinals

Eighteen years into his career and Molina is still surprising us: This is the first year he's posed with an earring. Definitely not a mid-life crisis.

16. Sonny Gray - Reds

When someone farts just as the camera shutter clicks.

17. Andre Jackson - Dodgers

Dustin May doesn't have the best hair on the team any more.

18. Randy Dobnak - Twins

Though there are a handful of players who rock the goggles -- the Brewers' Aaron Ashby and the Blue Jays' Danny Jansen among the wearers -- none have paired it with the 'stache like Dobnak. They should consider it.

19. J.D. Hammer - Phillies

But forget goggles! Let's talk about straight-up glasses! Hammer's out here looking like Rivers Cuomo, and as a bespectacled American who cannot deal with contacts, I heartily approve.

20. Anthony Banda - Giants

Hammer, meet ... The Professor.

21. Taylor Widener - D-backs

"Guys, guys, hold on. Hold on, let me try this again. I swear I did it last time. It's a really great trick I just have to -- guys, just one more shot!"

22. Jose Lobaton - Cubs

Lobaton's out here cheesing as hard as he possibly can. There's big kindergartner on photo day energy here and I like it. Let's reward earnest enthusiasm!

23. Grant Holmes - A's

He's got a future as a Sammy Hagar impersonator.

24. Salvador Perez - Royals

Ever wonder how many All-Star Games Perez has been elected to? All you need to do is count the tattoos up his arms. The Royals' catcher has some seriously cool ink -- highlighting each appearance with a tattoo themed to that year's midsummer spectacle.

25. Enrique Hernández

These photos might not be as good as his engagement pictures -- but then again, nothing is.

Screengrab via Instagram