Not happy with pitches to Donaldson, Gibbons ejected

May 22nd, 2016

MINNEAPOLIS -- Blue Jays manager John Gibbons was ejected from Sunday's 3-1 win over the Twins at Target Field. It was the third time in the last week, and fourth time this season, that Gibbons has been ejected.

Twins right-hander Phil Hughes threw a pitch inside on Josh Donaldson to open the fifth inning, then threw his next pitch behind Donaldson, causing the Blue Jays slugger to back out of the batter's box. Gibbons came to his third baseman's defense, engaging home-plate umpire Mark Ripperger in a discussion.

"I thought they were gonna chuck [Hughes]," Gibbons said. "A tight pitch, then throws behind him. You never know what's going to happen now-a-days, to tell you the truth. Whether it's warnings, this, throwing [guys] out or nothing, you really [don't know]."

Crew chief Joe West, working the first-base bag, joined the conversation and ejected Gibbons moments later.

It was not the first time Donaldson has been in the middle of controversy this weekend. He was ejected from the game on Saturday after grounding out in the first inning. Donaldson claimed he responded to words shouted at him from the Twins' dugout and that umpire Toby Basner thought the language was directed at him.

Donaldson homered in his first plate appearance on Sunday and seemed to offer a gaze into the Twins' dugout as he crossed home plate.

"I've been thrown at a lot," Donaldson said. "It doesn't surprise me much anymore.

"I definitely had a little bit more motivation to play. I try to go out there and play hard every day. The fact is, I wasn't too happy with how things transpired yesterday, so I definitely wanted my presence to be felt today."

It's been a busy week for Gibbons, who was also ejected last Sunday and again on Monday as a result of the skirmish between the Blue Jays and Rangers in Arlington.

The Monday ejection resulted in a three-game suspension that concluded with Thursday's series opener against the Twins.