OF Adams plays in Minors, MLB in one day

Outfielder appeared with Triple-A affiliate during afternoon before callup

June 8th, 2017
Outfielder Lane Adams had two hits for Triple-A Gwinnett on Wednesday afternoon before playing for the Braves that night. (AP)

ATLANTA -- At some point within the next few weeks, might have to pay a few fines levied by the Georgia State Road and Tollway Department. But this will simply add to the splendor of the story the Braves outfielder can always tell about the time he played in a Minor League and Major League game on the same day.

"It was a crazy day, but I'd do it again if I had to," Adams said. "I've had worse days, let's say that. That was definitely one to remember."

After recording a pair of hits for Triple-A Gwinnett during Wednesday afternoon's home victory over Norfolk, Adams made the 30-plus minute drive back toward his Dunwoody-area apartment with the expectation he would stop at his neighborhood super market, buy the lemon cups he had been craving and enjoy a relaxing evening. His plans were drastically altered around 5:20 p.m. ET, when Gwinnett manager Damon Berryhill called to inform Adams he'd been promoted to Atlanta's roster and needed to make every attempt to get to SunTrust Park before the Braves began their game against the Phillies at 7:35 p.m. ET. The late notice was a product of the unexpected decision to place on the disabled list.

"It went from a pretty mellow chill day to just really sped up and frantic," Adams said. "I was just rushing.

"I remember driving back from the game in Gwinnett, and I saw all the traffic going the other way and I thought, 'Oh, I'm glad I'm not sitting in that.' Then an hour or so later, I'm sitting in it. But it was worth it."

Before making what would have been about a 10-mile trek to SunTrust Park, Adams first had to drive approximately 30 miles through rush hour traffic to gather his bats, spikes and gloves that were at Gwinnett's Coolray Field. Along the way he called his girlfriend, who spent 10 minutes telling him about the mess their dog had made in the apartment, before providing Adams a chance to explain why he wouldn't be home for dinner.

"I sat in traffic for about 35 minutes before I decided if I'm going to make the game, I've got to get in the Peach Pass lane," Adams said of the pre-pay toll lane in which he wasn't authorized to drive. "It felt like every half mile, I was passing cameras. At first I started weaving in and out, trying to avoid them. But I was thinking this is taking too long, so I just wore it."

After arriving at Gwinnett's stadium around 6:15 p.m. ET, Adams left about five minutes later and began the 40-mile drive to SunTrust Park. His determination to do whatever it took to arrive in time allowed him to arrive a little after 7 p.m. ET.

"Driving back from Gwinnett was the first time I've ever driven with my hazard lights on," Adams said. "I just threw the hazards on and tried to rush back. People were nice."

Adams went hitless in the two at-bats he collected after entering Atlanta's win over Philadelphia in the seventh inning. As he drove back home after his second game of the day, he had quite a story to tell. But to his chagrin, he never did get those lemon cups.

"I should have just bought them and ate them in the car," Adams said.