Oct. 10 Bruce Bochy postgame interview

October 11th, 2016

Q. 10 in a row, do or die, how is that even possible?

BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah, I mean what they did tonight, that's one of the best, most exciting games I've ever been involved in. They found a way. They had to score off one of the best closers in the game. Conor, a huge hit.

The game had everything -- pitching, timely hitting on both sides. It was just a fun game to be involved with. I know it's easy to say because we came out on top, but both sides, you saw two good teams going at it. And it's hard to have a better game to watch than what we had tonight. And guys just did a great job of keep battling and play hard and for 27 outs, it ended up being more than that, but just a terrific game to be involved in.

Q. Were you surprised to see Chapman where you did?

BRUCE BOCHY: No, no. I know that they will use him for a couple innings. I think we saw him for three innings in New York. So, no, I wasn't surprised that he came in, especially with our lefties, and I didn't have a lot of moves to make, Pagan was down and -- but Conor came through for us there. And a lot of good things happened though, defense, both sides. I mean, it was just a great game.

Q. Would you have ever used Pagan tonight?

BRUCE BOCHY: No, he was not available.

Q. Then that was the first hundred mile an hour pitch Conor's ever seen, and what did you think of that? Of the triple?

BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah, he's got a quick bat. For a left-handed hitter to catch up with that kind of velocity, that's pretty impressive and he smoked it. And, I mean, he just has come through with some of the biggest hits down the stretch here going back to L.A. when he came up to pinch-hit, of course the home run in the New York game and tonight. He just is playing great ball.

Q. Crawford, it looked like he took that throw off his left elbow maybe, and how worried were you about him? He wind up leading off that last inning for you?

BRUCE BOCHY: Yeah, it's pretty sore. It caught him on the left elbow. He's got a pretty good contusion there. Hits that funny bone, so it was numb for a while. But they actually got a break. The ball could have went in left field for us to help us out. But it caught him square, and I think he'll be fine tomorrow.

Q. How would you assess Bumgarner's performance, his velocity seemed to be down?

BRUCE BOCHY: You know, it's one of the guttiest -- or guttiest performances I've seen. You're right. He didn't have his best stuff, but he willed his way through five innings. There were a couple times when he was coming out and his pitch count was up there, had the long what, second inning, and he found a way to give us five.

That's a lot of pitches he threw, but he kept the score where we had a chance to come back. So, I thought he did a terrific job, despite not having his best stuff tonight.

Q. Beyond Bumgarner, your pitching in general it seemed like big at-bats, your pitchers were really tough to hit and kept frustrating kind of the Cubs.

BRUCE BOCHY: Great job they did, the bullpen. They all stepped up and did something to help win that ball game. Starting with Law and Strickland, Smitty and Romo, I thought, you know, you give up a two-run homer to tie the game and that can unravel you, but end up getting, what, six straight outs there.

What a great job he did to bounce back and keep the score tied there, because we needed some length out of him. And then Blach, he just had a day off, I think, after going an inning and a third, and he goes out there and makes pitches when he had to. That's what it usually comes down to at this stage. The bullpen's got to come through for you, and those guys did it tonight.