Springsteen's just like us: He misses baseball, too

April 8th, 2020

Count The Boss as one of the millions of Americans missing baseball as part of their everyday lives right now.

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bruce Springsteen took over his E Street Radio channel on SiriusXM radio Wednesday for an 85-minute broadcast entitled, “From His Home to Yours.” The show featured a playlist curated by Springsteen, a tribute to country-folk legend John Prine, who passed away this week from coronavirus complications, and a nod to the National Pastime as one of the things Springsteen is missing most.

“I miss baseball,” said Springsteen. “I’m not much of a sports fanatic at all, but I do like baseball. … All I know is that when this is all over, I’m gonna take [my wife] Patti [Scialfa] to a baseball game.”

Springsteen grew up playing Little League baseball, and he referenced his youth club in the lyrics of “Blinded By the Light.” He also referenced baseball in his smash hit “Glory Days,” and the music video for that song featured Springsteen throwing on the diamond and watching Dwight Gooden pitch on TV. One of New Jersey’s most famous residents, Springsteen is a big Yankees fan, having once asked audience members for scores from Yankees games as they came back on the Red Sox during the summer of 1978.

Springsteen went on to play the song “3rd base, Dodger Stadium” by Ry Cooder on his radio show, which ends with the refrain, “Baseball been very good to me.” The Boss, like many others, is anxiously awaiting the game to come back into his life again.