Forget 'shirt off his back' -- Bryce gives fan shoe off his foot

February 13th, 2023

If you approach  for an autograph, not only will you likely get one -- you might just end up with an article of his clothing.

Bryce's wife, Kayla, posted a video on Instagram of the Phillies superstar making his way through the Phoenix airport with just a sock on his left foot. She detailed in the caption that a fan had asked Harper to sign his cap, but since they couldn't find a Sharpie that would show on the fabric, he signed his shoe with a regular pen and handed it over to the fan.

Harper's airport magnanimity capped a busy Super Bowl weekend. After he was spotted drumming up support for his neighbors, the Eagles, at the WM Phoenix Open golf tournament, Bryce hobnobbed at the Big Game with boxing star Ryan Garcia and two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning.

Unfortunately for the Harpers, the Eagles -- like the Phillies this past October -- came up short in the championship round. But not to worry, Philly fans: the good karma Bryce Harper is building up might just put his squad over the top in 2023.