Bryce Harper stops for gas -- in full uniform

March 20th, 2021

Players, they're just like us! They too pump their own gas on the way to work, except sometimes they ... do it in full uniform?

Bryce Harper was photographed by teammate Bryson Stott pumping his own gas on the way from the Phillies' facilities in Clearwater (or "Clearwooder," if you're talking about Harper's other great fashion moment of the spring) to a game at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Fla., and it's a magnificent situation to behold.

In the photo, Harper is pictured fully dressed for the game -- down to the high socks -- as he fills his tank.

The decision to suit up for the drive to the game may be related to some teams taking batting practice at their home fields before traveling to away games this spring, but that's unconfirmed. Maybe Harper just wanted to look awesome on the way to the game as well as on the field.

Anyone who had time for a quick coffee run and a gas station stop on the way to high school practice can easily identify the exact vibes encompassed in this snap. Who doesn't remember the fun of there being just enough time between a school day ending and practice starting to go for a drive with your teammates and grab some snacks or run an errand? A mini road trip in full uniform makes it feel that much more of a good time, even if you're a Major Leaguer, apparently.

Manager Joe Girardi, who joined the broadcast during the Phils' game against the Blue Jays on Saturday, said he hadn't seen the photo or heard about Harper making a quick stop on the way to the game but he got a good chuckle out of it when asked. Which is definitely the correct response, because it's amazing.