Biggio hits 'special' HR with dad in stands

May 9th, 2021

homered in Houston for the first time in the Blue Jays' 8-4 win over the Astros. That put his dad, Hall of Famer , in a bit of an awkward spot.

Craig, who played 20 seasons with the Astros, has served as a special assistant to the general manager since 2008 and is justified in rooting for their success. But then again, how could he not be excited for his son homering in the park he spent years starring in?

As Cavan rounded the bases, Craig held a subtle grin. But he also shared some fist bumps with fans sitting near him.

“A couple fist bumps is a lot for him,” Cavan said postgame. “I want you guys to know that. He’s as stoic of a person as I’ve ever seen watching his kids -- whether it’s me, my brother or my sister. So a couple fist bumps mean he’s pretty excited right there.”

And Cavan was plenty excited, too. After all, Minute Maid Park is where he spent a lot of afternoons and evenings watching baseball, cheering on dad and building his own big league dreams.

“Just being a kid, pretty much growing up here,” Cavan said. “It was pretty special to go deep here, especially with my family in the stands. I’ve sat in the seats for hundreds of games, watching my dad play. It’s a little reversed right now. It’s pretty cool to be able to do that in front of him, in his building.”