Craig Biggio's daughter pens 'Dear Dad' letter

Notre Dame softball player celebrates Hall of Fame dad

June 15th, 2019

Craig Biggio's daughter Quinn didn't wait until Sunday to wish her dad a happy Father's Day.

As MLB gets ready to celebrate the holiday this weekend, Quinn, a softball player at Notre Dame, wrote her Hall of Fame father a "Dear Dad" letter published on the Fighting Irish's website.

"When people hear the name Craig Biggio, they think of many things," the letter starts. "They think of the Houston Astros, a Hall of Famer, a 'gritty spark plug,' dirty helmets, 3,060 hits, a man who was both an All-Star catcher and second baseman, and a man who did it all for one team. A player who selflessly did whatever his team asked of him. My favorite position he played, however, was Dad."

Quinn writes about her early childhood memories of her father as a big leaguer -- Biggio retired when she was seven -- and about spending time with him away from the field. She also writes about the baseball lessons her dad taught her.

"Even though baseball is different from softball, my dad taught me a lot growing up and continues to teach me while I play now," she writes in the letter. "He taught me to respect the game by giving it my all and running every ball out -- and to play the sport with grit and determination."

The Biggio family is full of athletes. Quinn's brother and Biggio's son Cavan plays for the Blue Jays and made his MLB debut on May 24. With Toronto playing the Astros in Houston this weekend, Cavan will spend Father's Day weekend where his dad played all 20 years of his career. Craig is there, too, and Cavan and Quinn's brother Conor. (Quinn, Cavan and Conor all played at Notre Dame.)

"He was an amazing baseball player but he was an even better dad," Quinn writes in her Father's Day letter. "When I hear Craig Biggio I think of the selfless, kind-hearted, tough, funny, family man, and the best father I could have ever asked for."