Fitness, cooking crux of Schwarber's offseason

Cubs slugger making a 'lifestyle change' ahead of 2018 season

January 10th, 2018

CHICAGO -- showed off his svelte physique to some of the Cubs' front-office executives at the Winter Meetings last month, and on Wednesday, the team released a video which featured the outfielder not only working out but cooking.
Schwarber, 24, is seen training and hitting in a batting cage at a facility in Tampa, Fla., which is his offseason home.
"After the season, personally, it wasn't the season I wanted it to be," said Schwarber, who hit 30 home runs and batted .211 in 129 games last year for the Cubs. "I feel that to be the best athlete you can be and the best person you can be, it starts from a health perspective.

"It's a lifestyle change, not just a short fix," Schwarber said. "You want it to carry on down the road."
Schwarber's girlfriend, Paige Hartman, said that as soon as they got home for the offseason, they went grocery shopping for healthy food options, such as chicken and brown rice. And Schwarber shows off his cooking skills as well, calling himself "Chef Rizzo." Teammate would be proud.
"All this stuff is only beneficial," Schwarber said of the change in his eating habits and his workouts. "I think it will help me with my speed on the basepaths, getting out of the box, quickness of the hands and everything like that."
Said Hartman: "To see how committed he is has really helped me out and inspired me to make myself better."
Of course, all the weight lifting and sprinting and hitting requires some rest. When asked what he wants to do after lunch, Schwarber replied: "Take a nap."