D-backs Players Weekend nicknames explained

August 24th, 2017

When the D-backs host the Giants at Chase Field this weekend, you'll see "Freight Train" running the bases and "Goldy" at first base. And you'll see "Sal" in the dugout.
"Freight Train" is the D-backs left fielder you may know as . "Goldy," of course, is first baseman .
"Sal" is D-backs manager Torey Lovullo, although even some of his players didn't know that until he said he would put it on his uniform for Players Weekend. That's this weekend, and all Major League teams will wear specially designed uniforms. Players, coaches and managers were able to choose their own nicknames to put on the back, and each uniform has a tribute patch on the shoulder for the player to honor someone who has been influential in his life. A look at the D-backs' nicknames and tributes:
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: "The Sheriff"
D-backs TV announcer Steve Berthiaume came up with the name a few years back, but Berthiaume backed off when fans complained that former D-back was the "Sheriff." But Chafin liked the name because he "thought it was kind of cool. I can be the sheriff, cowboy hat and horse and stuff."
Tribute patch: "Mom and dad" -- Chafin said his parents made him what he is: "They gave me every tool necessary to be able to compete at the level I need to and excel."
A.J. Pollock: "Pollo"
Pollock said his Minor League teammates had trouble saying his last name. For a while it came out as "Poy-ack," but eventually they just shortened it to "Pollo." And it stuck.
Tribute patch: "Mom and dad and coach Skiner" -- Pollock said his father would throw him batting practice, and that his mother always supported his ambitions. Coach Skiner was his high school coach, who he says "has been there for me every step of the way."
: "The Pike"
Marte said the nickname comes from his native Dominican Republic, where it's a reference to someone with swagger. "Everybody thinks I have a little bit of swagger," he said.
Tribute patch: "Mom and uncle" -- Marte said his mother worked hard to support him, and that his uncle helped him become a baseball player.
Robbie Ray: "Bob"
Until he came to the D-backs in 2015, Ray was always "Robbie." Then his D-backs teammates started calling him "Bob," and "it just kind of stuck," he said.
Tribute patch: "Coach Ashcraft/Coach Allen" -- They were his two summer league coaches from the time he was 14. Ray says they noticed him when he was playing for a rival team and asked him to join their team. "I'm very thankful for it," he said.
Chris Herrmann: "Hermm the worm"
The name comes from Herrmann's high school teammate Trevor Hurley, who he says just blurted it out one day in the baseball locker room. "He said it one time, and it just stuck with me ever since."
Tribute patch: "Mom, dad, Shelby, Melissa and Scott" -- Herrmann says he believes "family is everything," and that he only wishes he could put more names on it so he could include everybody.
: "Bull"
Godley's teammates at the University of Tennessee started calling him Bull because of his demeanor on the mound and the way he sprinted on and off the field.
J.D. Martinez: "Flaco"
Martinez says that when he was 10 years old, he was "like a stick figure." His mentor, Paul Casanova, gave him the nickname, which is Spanish for "Thin." Martinez is wearing the name in tribute to Casanova, who passed away.
: "Tai-Weezy"
Walker said for a long time he didn't realize how many people called him "Tai-Weezy," but when he did, he found he liked it. Many of his D-backs teammates use it, and he said it has become something of a hit on social media.
Tribute patch: "Mom" -- Walker said he and his brother were always active in sports, and somehow mom never seemed to miss a game. "She was like SuperWoman," he said. "She was still working and supporting us, too."
: "White Shark"
Blanco's team in Venezuela is known as the Tiburones de La Guaira, or the La Guaira Sharks in English. His last name means "white," so people around the team started calling him "Tiburon Blanco" (white shark). Then when he played for the Giants, started yelling out, "The White Shark is in the house." Blanco embraced it, because he figured he felt it was "an aggressive" nickname and he has an aggressive style on the bases.
Tribute patch: "Mom and dad" -- Blanco said his parents are his heroes. "They are the biggest people in my life," he said.
: "Hollywood"
Bradley freely admits he tends toward the outlandish, so he understood why people began calling him Hollywood. "I like to do things a little over the line," he said. "It just kind of stuck."
Tribute patch: "Mom and dad" -- Bradley said his parents were influential on and off the field. "The man I am and the man I'm still becoming is a direct reflection of the way they've raised me," he said.
: "Rosie"
This one is pretty simple, and Rosales says that's the point. "It's easy," he said.
Peralta: "Freight Train"
Give Berthiaume credit for this one. He watched Peralta run the bases in 2014, and said to him it looked like a freight train going down the tracks. Peralta heard it and liked it, and he quickly found out the fans liked it too. So it stuck.
Tribute patch: "Mom and dad" -- Peralta didn't need to think long before deciding to honor his parents. "I just wish I could put everyone in my family on there," he said. "But there's not enough space."
Chris Iannetta: "C.I."
Iannetta said that when he came to the D-backs this year, people started calling him by his initials. He liked it.
Tribute patch: "Mom and dad" -- Iannetta chose to honor his parents because they've been so supportive.
Goldschmidt: "Goldy"
It's a simple nickname, but there's a backstory. Goldschmidt said it goes back to seventh-grade football in Texas, when his coaches didn't want to say "Goldschmidt." So "Goldy" it was. When Goldschmidt came up to the Major Leagues in 2011, teammates asked, "Do you like 'Goldy You'd better decide now, because it will stick with you.'" His answer: "I was just happy to be in the big leagues." Sure enough, the nickname stuck.
Tribute patch: "Mom and dad" -- Goldschmidt grew up with two younger brothers, and he said his parents still made it to every practice and every game. "I don't think they went on vacation until all of us were out of high school," he said.
: "B Dru"
Drury said his family gave him other nicknames, but none that carried over to his baseball teams. So he went with B Dru, saying, "It's simple."
Tribute patch: "Mom Dad Ash Brook" -- Drury chose to honor his brother and sister, in addition to his parents.
: "Scals"
The nickname dates to Descalso's high school days in California, when his buddies began using it. It stuck through college and the University of California, Davis, and on into his professional career.
Tribute patch: "Mom and dad" -- When Descalso was in Little League, his father was his coach and his mother would drive him to practice. And if the family took a vacation, it was usually to go to one of his baseball tournaments.
: "Benjamin"
Rather than use a nickname, Rodney chose to wear his late father's middle name as a tribute. "I just want to keep it fresh," he said.
Tribute patch: "Chiut" -- The patch is another tribute to Rodney's father, as "Chiut" was his nickname.
: "DHern"
Hernandez was still with the Angels when he chose his nickname for Players Weekend, so he went with "DHern," his universal baseball nickname. Some of the D-backs know him as "Hardball," a nickname bestowed on him by ex-D-backs pitcher Josh Collmenter.
Tribute patch: "Family" -- Hernandez has always remained close with his family, so he chose to honor all of them.
Rey Fuentes: "Coqui"
A coqui is a frog native to Puerto Rico, and Fuentes wanted to honor his Puerto Rican roots. Coqui is also a name Fuentes' sisters called him when he was young.
Lovullo: "Sal"
Lovullo's given name is Salvatore, and he said all his buddies have always called him "Sal."
Tribute patch: "Mom & Dad" -- Lovullo's father died in January, so he wanted to honor both his parents this year.
Zack Greinke: "Greinke"
: "Lambo"
Lamb's D-backs teammates are more likely to refer to him as "Lamber," but the "Lambo" nickname stuck through high school and college.
Tribute patch: "Mom & Dad" -- Lamb wanted to salute his parents.
: "George"
De La Rosa's choice of nickname was simple. "Everybody calls me George or Georgie," he said.
Tribute patch: "Mom and Dad" -- De La Rosa wanted to honor his parents.
T.J. McFarland: "Mac"
McFarland always remembers being referred to as "Mac."
Tribute patch: "Mom & Dad" -- McFarland said his parents were always his biggest supporters. "I think they took me to every state and every city for travel ball," he said.
: "Big Bear"
The nickname is just a derivation of his last name, but Barrett says he remembers being called "Big Bear" since he was young.
Tribute patch: "Mom" -- Barrett was raised by a single mom, and has never forgotten her support.
: "Corby"
It just comes from his last name, but "Corby" is significant enough that Corbin says it's also the name of his family dog.
Tribute patch: "Dan (Dad) and Patty (Mom)" -- Corbin wanted to thank his parents for everything they've done, including taking him to all his Little League games and allowing him to play baseball.