Dad teaches son to throw HR ball back 

You're never too young to learn

May 4th, 2021

Traditions are some of the most important things a parent can pass down to a child. Holiday celebrations, favorite meals -- even the proper temperature the thermostat should be set at (this, at least, is my father's most valued tradition).

But when it comes to Cubs fans, there is one they hold dearest of all: Throwing the ball back after a home run by a visiting player.

On Tuesday afternoon, with the Cubs leading the Dodgers, 7-0, L.A.'s top prospect Keibert Ruiz came to the plate in the top of the seventh. He immediately went to work, sending Kyle Hendricks' first-pitch fastball into the left-field bleachers for his first home run of the year. After a brief tug of war for the ball, one intrepid father snagged it.

He brought the ball over to his young child, who probably thought this was a lovely souvenir. But oh no -- there was a lesson to be imparted here.

The father put his son on his shoulders and ran down to the front row where, with a mighty effort, the youngster plopped the ball over the wall.

Some things are more important than home run balls. Like this memory that has now been captured on film for all eternity -- or at least until the internet disappears.

(Oh, and notice: The kid switches hands to throw it with his left hand. He may just be a budding southpaw ace.)