Fence just a suggestion for this college 1B

May 30th, 2021

Two weeks in a row, two incredible catches by young athletes that didn't even occur in the field of play.

The latest see-it-to-believe-it snag was made by Dallas Baptist University first baseman Cole Moore on Sunday in the ninth inning of a tie game against Indiana State, with both teams battling for the Missouri Valley Conference championship. He ranged over to the first-base line on a foul popup that was well beyond the fence. With no regard for any bodily harm, Moore leaped Superman-style over the fence, somehow making the full-extension catch and landing on the other side. Then he strode nonchalantly back onto the field like nothing had happened at all.

Last weekend we saw an incredible home run robbery from Bear River High School outfielder Olivia Taylor, who robbed a home run by jumping backwards over the fence, also making the catch on the other side.

No complaints here. More of these, please.