Straily hit hard after bruise; ignores trade talk

July 15th, 2017

MIAMI -- Dan Straily has been known for limiting hard-hit contact this season, which is why his fifth inning in the Marlins' 6-4 loss to the Dodgers on Friday night at Marlins Park was unusual.
In the inning alone, Miami's starter surrendered homers to and with exit velocities of more than 100 mph. Even Los Angeles right-hander lined out at 103 mph.
By the end of Straily's five-inning, eight-hit night, nine of the 18 balls put in play against Straily were recorded at 95 mph or higher, which is considered "hard-hit."

Something wasn't adding up for Straily, who entered the second half with the third-lowest hard-hit percentage (26.6) among Major League starting pitchers.
That was until Straily revealed his bruised right hand after the game.
While batting in the second inning, Straily was jammed badly on a McCarthy sinker. He tapped out to second, but he felt the effects the rest of the game.
"I couldn't even grip a baseball," said Straily, who allowed three runs (two earned). "It's fine. It's fine enough to pitch. It just wasn't the most ideal way to be in a game."
Straily added that a few pitches he threw didn't have the same bite that they usually do. Two important ones that might've fallen under that category were the hanging curveball to Puig and the hanging slider to Seager in the fifth.

Still, the 28-year-old said he'll be OK for his next start despite never facing this issue before.
Straily's next start, however, could very well be with another team. His name has been linked to trade rumors recently, but that's the last thing on his mind.
Now on his fifth different club in five years, Straily has gone through Trade Deadline talks enough to the point where he has learned to block it out. He has been dealt four times in his career.
"It's been enough years of me thinking about that kind of stuff. I don't even care anymore," Straily said. "I'm here as a member of the Fish. If something ever changes, we'll pack up and move on, but it's gray stories and all that kind of stuff. But I've really learned to just kind of stay away from it this time of year, especially."