NHL stars unveil MLB-themed gear for frozen Fenway game

January 1st, 2023

With Fenway Park slated to host the NHL’s 2023 Winter Classic between the Boston Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins, Bruins forward David Pastrňák  took the opportunity to show off his Red Sox-inspired gear ahead of Monday’s game.

One of the NHL’s most fashion-forward stars, Pastrňák  on Sunday unveiled a Green Monster-inspired stick that features the wall’s iconic color and classic manual scoreboard. Pastrňák ’s name and No. 88 are emblazoned on the side in the same distinctive font that appears on the Red Sox’s uniforms. Of course, the stick also includes a pasta emoji, referring to Pastrňák ’s nickname.

Additionally, Pastrňák  will pay tribute to Hall of Famer and Red Sox legend David Ortiz via a logo on both his stick and skates.

“Hopefully, [Ortiz is] not gonna be mad, bring me some luck,” Pastrňák  said in a video posted on the Bruins’ social media accounts. “Hopefully, I can score a couple home runs into the net.”

Penguins goaltender Casey DeSmith is also bringing some baseball inspiration to the rink. Originally hailing from a Red Sox-loving household in New Hampshire, DeSmith has a brand new mask featuring former Pirates greats Roberto Clemente and Ralph Kiner, to go along with the Fenway scoreboard and a teddy bear for Ted Williams.

"It was actually a little little combo between me and my painter, Jesse Acciacca," DeSmith explained to MLB.com after the Penguins' practice on Sunday night. "He's actually out of Massachusetts. He did a great job. I have Bryan Hextall, Ron Hextall's dad on there, have Jim Rutherford on there. And then a couple Pirates: Ralph Kiner's on there and obviously Roberto Clemente, had to have him on there. Needed to have a couple Pirates icons. ... Just a little tribute to the Penguins organization and the Pirates organization -- tie them together. I've got Fenway, I've got Ted, a little Boston. Just a little bit of everything."

DeSmith should be ready for the atmosphere on Monday: This isn't the first time he's taken the ice at Fenway Park. 

"I was fortunate enough to play in Frozen Fenway in college, which was a great experience," DeSmith, who attended the University of New Hampshire, said. "I definitely never thought I'd be back here again. And I'm thrilled to be back and share the experience more even more with my family than I got to at that point."