Finally 'out of excuses,' Jeter gets on social media

May 31st, 2022

The Captain is back. 

Well, kind of. 

On Tuesday, Derek Jeter officially joined the ranks of social media with the unveiling of his Twitter and Instagram accounts, both of which are under the handle @derekjeter. 

Jeter, as you probably know, is perhaps one of the best-known players in the history of baseball. The 2020 Hall of Fame inductee played 20 seasons -- all with the Yankees -- amassing 14 All-Star nods, five Gold Gloves, five World Series titles, five Silver Sluggers and the 1996 AL Rookie of the Year Award. But now the 47-year-old is stepping into a completely new (digital) realm.

In his first post on Instagram, Jeter dropped a video in which he said, “I’m about to start a busy summer, but why not add a little more craziness?” in reference to joining social media as well as the ESPN docuseries about him that will premiere on July 18, "The Captain." 

Since retiring from baseball, Jeter has created The Players’ Tribune, a website that publishes first-person stories and testimonials from athletes, and he continues to work with the Turn 2 Foundation, a charitable organization he started in 1996 that helps fight drug and alcohol addiction in children and teenagers. From 2017 until this past February, Jeter also served as the CEO of the Miami Marlins. 

Despite having one of the most recognizable names in sports, Jeter has largely stayed off social media. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t paying attention. Jeter brought the receipts on Tuesday, as his first tweet was a quote tweet of a 2014 tweet that stated, “Derek Jeter has no excuse not to have a Twitter account by now,” to which Jeter replied, “Looks like I’ve officially run out of excuses.”

In his second tweet, Jeter showed he's committed to helping solve some of the world's great mysteries. The Captain replied to a tweet from the official Players’ Tribune that had the question “mullet or tree?” accompanying a picture of a young Jeter -- posing on a field, his hair blending into the woodsy background lining the horizon -- with, “It’s my hair but it’s a shag… a Ralph Tresvant shag.”

In the aforementioned Instagram video, Jeter says that he’ll be using his social media platforms to showcase some of the projects he’s working on at the Turn 2 Foundation, along with showing off “what makes Miami home.”

But before he ended the video, he had one request for the internet.

“Take it easy on me,” Jeter said with a smile. “I’m new to this.”