Hernandez apologizes for criticism of LA fans

Dodgers utility man says comments after G3 were taken out of context

October 17th, 2018

LOS ANGELES -- apologized on Tuesday for his criticism of Dodgers fans following a 4-0 loss in Game 3 of the National League Championship Series on Monday night.
Hernandez said on Monday night that fans didn't show much energy, although he emphasized much of it could be attributed to the Dodgers' inability to score against the Brewers. But that fact did not stop Hernandez from saying "the stadium had no energy, the fans had no energy."
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He also was upset that fans booed catcher , who could not block a wild pitch that led to the Brewers' second run. Grandal, who later allowed a passed ball, was benched for Game 4.
"If they think that they can do it, go ahead," Hernandez said. "Put on your gear and go catch 99 [mph] with breaking balls that have a lot of movement."
Hernandez took to social media to back away from his comments.
"By now you've probably seen my comments about last night's game," he said on Twitter. "The truth is, I suffer from ED. I think a lot of us suffer from it from time to time. So tonight, let's all bring it. We can conquer Energy Deficiency together."
He further explained in a lengthy post: "On a serious note, I'd like to apologize to all who thought that I was blaming the fans for last night. That's not what I said nor will I EVER say such a thing! I was really frustrated after the game and as a competitor, I was frustrated because of the way we played and the way I performed. I haven't done anything this series but that doesn't affect me that much as long as we win; last night we didn't and it got to me.
"Calling Dodger Stadium 'home' is truly a privilege and a blessing!!! Something I don't ever take for granted! The atmosphere there is one that you can't find anywhere else. Last night felt off, it was just a weird day overall."
Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said he dropped his head and shook his head when he first heard Hernandez's comments.
"You can't call the fans out," he said.
Roberts talked to Hernandez about it on Tuesday. Hernandez told him that his comments were taken out of context.
"I really don't think it's going to affect the outcome of this game," Roberts said. "I'm confident that the players won't let it affect their performance. Things can be more magnified as they should, but if it's not going to impact the game, in my opinion, I don't try to exert the bandwidth to kind of deal with it."
Kershaw's last Dodgers start?
With a contract opt-out decision looming whenever this season ends, every start in the last couple of weeks has potentially been his last as a Dodger, none more so than Wednesday's Game 5 against the Brewers. He knows it and explained before Game 4 how he's processing that.
"Trying not to," he said. "I think it's hard enough to try and win a postseason game. I know more than anybody knows that. So, I think for me it's just trying to focus as much as I possibly can on the Brewers and getting ready for tomorrow's start. And putting everything else on the back burner as best I possibly can."

Kershaw said he has not made a decision yet and he has 10 days after the end of the World Series to decide if he'll stay for the final two years of his contract or test free agency.
"So, should be a busy 10 days," he said.
Roberts, like Kershaw, said he's tried to put the topic out of his head.
"You bring it up to my attention and I'm sure -- I guess it's a reality," Roberts said. "But I think that for me it's just thinking about tonight and tomorrow with Clayton pitching for us. And so I don't get too far ahead of that, no."
Lineup shuffle
The bottom half of the Dodgers' lineup had a much different look in Game 4. started at second base, Hernandez started in center field, started in right field against left-hander and started behind the plate.
Matt Kemp is 8-for-25 with one double, two home runs and seven RBIs in his career against Gonzalez. Puig is 1-for-14. Roberts is betting Gonzalez is pulled early, like Game 1, giving his team the platoon advantage once the Brewers replace him.
"Yasiel, he hasn't had good history versus Gio, but I still believe that Yasiel at home, the defense, we expect him to probably see Gio one time, and I like him in the lineup," Roberts said. "I like his energy."