Fantasy 411 Podcast: Is Sanchez top catcher?

June 16th, 2017

The following is a transcript of a segment from this week's Fantasy411 podcast, hosted by lead fantasy writer Fred Zinkie and national editor Matthew Leach. To hear the rest of their discussion, subscribe to the Fantasy411 podcast by clicking here.

Leach: started out a little quietly upon his return to health this year. He is no longer quiet. He is crushing the ball. He has seven home runs in 12 games in June, and now has 31 career home runs. I think it was understandable, I have Sanchez in our office league, and I was a little worried for a while that maybe I had bought into the hype a little too much. I am no longer worried about that. Is he the No. 1 catcher from here until the end of the season?

Zinkie: Yeah, I think he is. I think home park and supporting cast have something to do with that, but full marks for him for also being an excellent baseball player. I think he's passed because he is showing again that his power is legit. … He probably won't keep pace with Posey in batting average, but he'll produce more home runs, more RBIs, more runs scored. I just think with the Giants lineup the way it is and that home park, I don't think Posey can keep up with him, and I don't think anyone else can either. I believe he will be the No. 1 catcher taken in drafts next season. And I think owners should get their head around him as the No. 1 guy right now, because I don't know if there's a buying opportunity for him, but I wouldn't sell him if I had him. If I wanted to chase an elite catcher, I think I would chase Sanchez in a trade before I would chase Posey.

Leach: I agree. This is a little off-script here, but I think it's an interesting question, if he's catcher one, we're just talking purely speculatively, just taking a guess, we're not going to hold you to it, but how high is he going just overall in mixed league drafts as of right now? Is he a first-round pick next year?

Zinkie: It depends on a one-catcher league vs. a two-catcher league. I think in a one-catcher league, probably no catcher should go in the first or second round, just because of volume of workload usually for catchers. I think he would probably be in the third round. But in a two-catcher league, I think he would be maybe late first, and definitely in the second round. … If he cements himself as a 30-homer, 90-something-RBI type catcher with a solid batting average, then I think you can start making the case for him in two-catcher leagues.