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Fantasy411: What to do with Story?

Rockies shortstop top theme of exciting Week 1 @FredZinkieMLB fantasy expert Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat (at @fantasy411) on Monday. Read through the best of the Q&A below. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@2Stickss: Should I trade Trevor Story while he is this hot? fantasy expert Fred Zinkie fielded questions from fans during a live Twitter chat (at @fantasy411) on Monday. Read through the best of the Q&A below. Questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

@2Stickss: Should I trade Trevor Story while he is this hot?

Zinkie: You should definitely put his name on the trade market. You may be pleasantly surprised with the potential return.

@Jpray9: What type of starter should I ask for if I trade Story?

Zinkie: You can set your sights high. Aim for a No. 2 starter. I would likely settle for a No. 3 starter. The hype on Story is enormous right now.

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@McMastersCares: Would you trade Story for Johnny Cueto? I have Troy Tulowitzki as my other shortstop.

Zinkie: Despite Cueto's struggles in his most recent start, I would make that trade.

@rogerthaattt: When do you think Jose Berrios will be called up this season?

Fred Zinkie: My guess (and it's just a guess) is that he will come up in May. I believe that the Twins could use an impact starter such as Berrios.

@DMacNoodle: Are you concerned about Adam Wainwright?

Zinkie: I expect Wainwright to be a No. 3 mixed-league starter. That was my expectation prior to the start of the season.

@nmach10: Would you drop Russell Martin for Nick Hundley, Wilson Ramos, Yan Gomes or Yasmani Grandal?

Zinkie: I would stick with Martin. I'm not worried about him. I expect him to be a top 5 catcher.

@BrentCeIek: Has Vince Velasquez's stock risen after his excellent Week 1 start?

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Zinkie: Velasquez is an exciting pitcher to pick up. He could post a strong strikeout total. But he will struggle with his control at times. Still, he should be owned in most leagues.

@__MeatBall: Should I drop Joe Panik or Brandon Phillips for Jean Segura?

Zinkie: I would not drop Panik. I'm fine with dropping Phillips for Segura if you feel like you need a speed boost.

@jeideezy: Should I pick up Nomar Mazara?

Zinkie: In almost all leagues, the 20-year-old should be added. He should be active in 12-team leagues and deep formats. He could hit for average and power.

@Atlbravos16: Would you rather own Tyler White or Steven Souza Jr.?

Zinkie: I would rather own Souza, but it is very close. Souza gets the nod for me because of his basestealing ability.

@bent0dd: Who should I pick up out of Jorge Soler, Delino DeShields, Michael Taylor or Alex Gordon?

Zinkie: You should pick up DeShields, with Gordon as my second choice.

@mitchanderson15: What is your opinion on A.J. Pollock? Will he see action this year?

Zinkie: I expect him to miss enough of the season that he should be dropped in most mixed leagues, unless the owner has unlimited disabled-list space.

@saice80: How would you rank Randal Grichuk, Byron Buxton and Mazara?

Zinkie: Grichuk is way ahead of the other two. I will put Mazara second. I am concerned about Buxton for 2016.

Video: Fred Zinkie on Choo's injury, Mazara's callup

@WalterDacon1: Who will get more saves this season, Sean Doolittle or Luke Gregerson?

Zinkie: I expect Gregerson to get many more saves, as the A's have been flexible with their use of Doolittle and Ryan Madson.

@TheCrappyTotals: Are Jeremy Hazelbaker or Joey Rickard worth adding as an extra outfielder?

Zinkie: While all decisions depend on the player you would need to drop, I can see the rationale for add Rickard. He could hit for average and steal bases.

@HueyPJ: Is it time to get Victor Martinez into lineups yet?

Zinkie: He does not need to be in the active lineup in 10-team leagues. In 12-team, it will depend on your options. He should be active in 15-team leagues.

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@jason_hojo: In 12-team rotisserie, is Mallex Smith a must-add player due to his steals potential?

Zinkie: Yes, I believe that Smith deserves a bench spot in many rotisserie leagues. But his stay in the Majors could be a short one.

@Gustbra: Tyson Ross was dropped in my league. Would you drop Michael Pineda, Raisel Iglesias, Patrick Corbin or Taijuan Walker to add him?

Zinkie: I would drop Corbin for him. You have to drop someone. Ross is far too valuable to be on waivers in any league.

@Nick_Kerner: Should I pick up Mark Trumbo and drop Byung Ho Park?

Zinkie: Yes, you should. Even though his power hasn't shined through yet, Trumbo should hit many homers this season.

@NotFakeMatthew: Is Nathan Karns worth adding in any format?

Zinkie: Yes, he is. Karns should be owned in 15-team leagues, and he deserves consideration in 12-team formats.

@malcolm1919: Please share your thoughts on Travis Shaw and his fantasy value.

Zinkie: Shaw should be owned in 12-team leagues and any deep format. I'm not especially optimistic on him, but it is hard to ignore his early-career work as part of a strong lineup.

@thenicksheerin: Should I trade Alex Gordon for Kevin Gausman?

Zinkie: Definitely not. Gordon is off to a slow start, but he is a very consistent fantasy asset. He should be active in all five-outfielder leagues.

Fred Zinkie is the lead fantasy baseball writer for Follow him on Twitter at @FredZinkieMLB.