'The coat caught it!' Instincts get mom a ball

May 5th, 2021

No glove? No problem!

Not every fan sitting in the front row needs to bring a mitt to the game to come away with a ball, as a fan at Fenway Park proved in the first inning of Tuesday night's 11-7 Red Sox win over the Tigers.

Bobby Dalbec skied a foul ball toward the right-field corner with two outs in the frame, sending right fielder Victor Reyes ranging toward Pesky's Pole. Reyes reached into the stands in an attempt to end the inning but came away with nothing.

After a few moments of confusion, a front-row fan searched the jacket she was holding and was amazed to find Dalbec's foul ball, which seemed in line to fall on the fan's (very confused) young son next to her. Even Reyes couldn't help but smile.

"The coat caught it!" shouted Red Sox broadcaster Dennis Eckersley, as surprised as the mother who went home with a ball.