Kapler has ... unique ... way to eat chicken nuggets

All to save 200 calories

January 14th, 2020

Don't -- and I repeat -- don't take Gabe Kapler with you when you want fast food. Beyond the fact that he would probably spend the entire time in line lecturing you about macros and proteins and amino acids or whatever, once you got back to your table, you wouldn't like what you saw. Because if Kapler has to eat fast food, he's going to order chicken nuggets and peel the breading off them.

At least, that's what he did when he was a college baseball player. As reported by the Mercury News, when he had forgotten his normally healthy meal, he had no choice but to order from the Golden Arches. So, he did what any normal person would do: He took the breading off his chicken nuggets. Off all 40 chicken nuggets.

Ryan Briggs, one of his teammates at the time, said, “I’m going, ‘Dude, that dude is real. He puts his money where his mouth is.'”

Of course, is that really weird for a guy who enjoys his ice cream by putting it in his mouth, swishing it around ... and spitting it out?

While Kapler's 40-nugget meal would normally have counted for 1,660 calories and a whopping 146 percent of your daily sodium intake, his hard (and disgusting) work saved him all of ... roughly 200 calories. Maybe just eat your nuggets, Gabe.