Home Run Derby: Round-by-round breakdown

July 11th, 2016

SAN DIEGO -- Giancarlo Stanton won the 2016 T-Mobile Home Run Derby with 20 home runs in the final, defeating defending champ Todd Frazier, who hit 13. Stanton eliminated Robinson Cano, 24-7, in the quarterfinals, and knocked out Mark Trumbo, 17-14, in the semifinals.
Eight of the planet's best sluggers took aim at Petco Park's spacious dimensions in the second year of a new format that featured four-minute rounds and head-to-head, bracket-style competition.
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Stanton dominated this year's competition like few have in the past. Here's a statistical look at the show Stanton put on:
• Stanton's home runs traveled a total projected distance of 27,187 feet, which is 5.15 miles and 9,918 feet more than any other competitor. Frazier was second with a total distance of 17,269 feet.
• Stanton had the 20 hardest-hit home runs of the night.
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• Stanton's average home run distance on the night was 446 feet. The next highest was Carlos Gonzalez, at 430 feet, though he was eliminated in the first round. The other seven hitters combined for an average home run distance of 412 feet.

• Stanton's average exit velocity on home runs was 111.9 mph. The next highest was CarGo at 107.4 mph. The other seven hitters had an average exit velo of 105.4 mph on their homers.

• Stanton hit a homer run with a launch angle of 12.3 degrees, which is lower than any home run Statcast™ has tracked in a game. The lowest in a game was hit by Stanton (of course), 13.5 degrees on April 23, 2015, off Justin DeFratus of the Phillies.

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Round 1: Trumbo (1) vs. Corey Seager (8)
SEAGER: He got off to a bit of a slow start, recording three outs before hitting his second homer, but he turned on the power in a big way, finishing with 15, including three in a 30-second bonus period. Seager slugged nine homers in a 10-swing span at one point.
LONGEST HR (EXIT VELO): 454 feet (107.20 mph)
AVERAGE: 406 feet

TRUMBO: He had a high total to surpass but did it seemingly with ease, averaging well over 400 feet on each homer to advance to the semifinals. Trumbo went deep on each of his final 11 swings.
LONGEST HR (EXIT VELO): 479 feet (114.36 mph)
AVERAGE: 437 feet

Round 1: Cano (4) vs. Stanton (5)
STANTON: The Marlins slugger entered the All-Star break with five homers in his last five games and picked up right where he left off, crushing 22 homers before adding a pair in his bonus period. Stanton's 497-foot drive is the longest homer that Statcast™ has tracked. He also hit one with an exit velocity of 120.35, the hardest-hit homer to be measured by Statcast™.
The hardest-hit homer that Statcast™ has tracked in a game came courtesy of Stanton, who hit one with an exit velocity of 119.2 mph on June 23, 2015, against Carlos Martinez of the Cardinals. The longest in-game homer to be tracked came from Cubs All-Star Kris Bryant, who hit one 495 feet on Sept. 6, 2015, off Arizona's Rubby De La Rosa.
LONGEST HR (EXIT VELO): 497 feet (117.45 mph)
AVERAGE: 444.4 feet

CANO: Needing to exceed a daunting total, Cano fell short despite going deep on each of his last three swings. He saved his two longest swats for last (452 and 433 feet), but it was too little, too late.

LONGEST HR (EXIT VELO): 452 feet (109.64 mph)
AVERAGE: 413 feet

Round 1: Adam Duvall (3) vs. Wil Myers (6)
MYERS: Playing before his home fans, Myers reached double digits but didn't benefit much from using his timeout, after which he hit only three homers.
LONGEST HR (EXIT VELO): 431 feet (105.20)
AVERAGE: 405.10

DUVALL: The Reds slugger eliminated the Petco Park fan favorite efficiently en route to a berth in the semis.
LONGEST HR (EXIT VELO): 429 feet (104.46 mph)
AVERAGE: 403 feet

Round 1: Frazier (2) vs. Gonzalez (7)
GONZALEZ: His sweet left-handed stroke generated seven big flies that traveled at least 430 feet, including four of 446 feet or longer. Two of his homers also topped a 110-mph exit velocity. Unfortunately for Gonzalez, he couldn't expand upon his dozen homers during the 30-second bonus round he earned for his feats of distance.
LONGEST HR (EXIT VELO): 450 feet (105.07)
AVERAGE: 430.5

FRAZIER: The defending Derby champion reminded us how he took home last year's title. Even without the benefit of last year's home crowd in Cincinnati, Frazier moved past Gonzalez and into the semifinals with 13 home runs in the first round. Frazier and brother Charlie worked at a relatively slow pace, methodically matching Gonzalez's total in the final minute, then advancing with No. 13 with about 15 seconds remaining.
LONGEST HR (EXIT VELO): 448 feet (107.38)
AVERAGE: 409.5 feet

Round 2: Trumbo (1) vs. Stanton (5)
STANTON: He couldn't have possibly lived up to his first-round performance, but the hulking Miami outfielder was fueled into the final round by a mid-round timeout, drilling 11 of his 17 homers after a break. Stanton matched his first-round Statcast™ record with another 497-foot homer that came off the bat at 114.97 mph. He easily earned the bonus time, averaging well over the 440-foot limit with 14 such drives. He eclipsed 480 feet seven times.
LONGEST HR (EXIT VELO): 497 feet (114.97 mph)
AVERAGE: 460.7 feet

TRUMBO: Like Stanton, Trumbo couldn't match his first-round display, and it cost the 2016 Major League home run leader, who used a timeout at the six-homer mark but ran out of time. Despite bowing out, Trumbo delivered some memorable Round 2 moments nonetheless, with one homer hitting the scoreboard beyond the left-field seats and another making it onto the roof of the Western Metal Supply Company building down the left-field line. Ten of Trumbo's homers came off the bat at 110 mph or faster.
LONGEST HR (EXIT VELO): 464 feet (112.18)
AVERAGE: 429.1 feet

Round 2: Frazier (2) vs. Duvall (3)
DUVALL: Despite exceeding his first-round output and hitting four post-timeout homers, including one measured at a personal-best 435 feet, Duvall was ousted by last year's champ.
LONGEST HR (EXIT VELO): 435 (103.79 mph)
AVERAGE: 386.5
FRAZIER: He earned a repeat trip to the Derby finals with a steady surge in the semis that saw him reach at least 428 feet on three of his first four homers.
LONGEST HR (EXIT VELO): 445 feet (104.05 mph)
AVERAGE: 411 feet

Final Round: Frazier (2) vs. Stanton (5)
STANTON: On his way to the title, Stanton opted to use his timeout with 2:25 remaining and after six homers, and it resulted in a 14-homer surge from that point through the bonus period, in which he hit one dinger. Fourteen of Stanton's 20 final-round homers flew off his bat at 110 mph or faster.
LONGEST HR (EXIT VELO): 491 (115.02 mph)
AVERAGE: 435 feet
FRAZIER: In the finals for a third straight year, Frazier gave a valiant effort but couldn't capture his second title in as many seasons. Frazier was roughly on pace to match Stanton at the halfway mark but seemed to run out of gas after that, hitting just three homers in the final 1 minute and 24 seconds, following his second timeout.
LONGEST HR (EXIT VELO): 438 feet (107.17 mph)
AVERAGE: 414 feet