Kuiper returns to SF booth, surprises Krukow

July 25th, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO -- Giants fans tuning into Saturday’s game against the Pirates were greeted by a familiar voice on the NBC Sports Bay Area broadcast.

Duane Kuiper, who is undergoing chemotherapy for an undisclosed medical condition, returned to the broadcast booth for the first time since June 6, reuniting with longtime partner Mike Krukow.

Kuiper, 71, joked with Greg Papa on "Giants Pregame Live" that he was simply relieved to get out of the house after being away from the ballpark for nearly seven weeks.

"Hey, I missed me. Sorry," Kuiper said. "Sitting on that couch after a while, my wife is so happy that I walked out of the house today, where she gets six hours where she doesn't have to worry about me tripping or falling or what I'm going to eat or what's going on. Anyway, I'm thrilled to be back, and the one thing I definitely learned while I was gone, for whatever it was, two months or so, is how much I appreciate my partners because I got a chance to watch them for all those games, and I certainly do appreciate them."

Kuiper’s return came as a shock to Krukow, who admitted that he became emotional upon seeing his former Giants teammate and close friend back at Oracle Park. Kuiper bellowed “SURPRISE!” when he walked into the booth before the game and embraced a thrilled Krukow.

"What a buffoon," Krukow said. "I'm the only guy in the Bay Area who doesn't know he's coming back. Yeah, he got me good. It was a sight for sore eyes."

Kuiper and Krukow are currently in their 31st season together as Giants broadcasters.