Gibson wishes Phils, Giants happy Dad's Day

June 21st, 2021

Home-plate umpire Greg Gibson was in a celebratory mood for Father’s Day at Oracle Park on Sunday afternoon.

Gibson, who was mic’d up for the Giants' 11-2 win over the Phillies in the series finale, offered his congratulations to players and coaches from both sides throughout the rubber match.

“What’s up, bud?” Gibson told Phillies catcher . “Happy Father’s Day, if you’re a dad.”

He didn’t need to add the disclaimer when Giants shortstop stepped into the box.

“I know you’ve got kids,” Gibson told Crawford, a father of four.

Gibson also discussed his three sons -- ages 22, 19 and 17 -- with Giants catcher , a father to two sets of twins, or as Gibson put it, "a full-court press." He asked Giants outfielder if he is a dad; when Duggar replied that he has two dogs, Gibson laughed.

Before the game, Giants manager Gabe Kapler reflected on the meaning of Father’s Day for him as both a son and as a parent to his two sons, Chase and Dane. Kapler’s father, Michael, passed away from Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia in December, making the day especially poignant for him.

“I was able to connect with my two sons today,” Kapler said. “It’s the most important job that I have. I’m proud of my sons and the men that they’ve become. Nothing is more important than that work. My dad was among the most influential people in my life. He passed away in December, and so today is going to be a somewhat emotional day for me. I’m proud to be his son.”