Inbox: Who's forced out for Acuna, Camargo?

Beat reporter Mark Bowman answers fans' questions

April 1st, 2018

Who will be the odd men out when and arrive?
-- @KingWilliam_4

Given the Braves' catchers have already reminded us how quickly plans and projections can change in this world, let's hold off on trying to predict what could happen if Acuna is added to Atlanta's roster two weeks from now.
Let's focus instead on all that could transpire over the next seven days. The Braves acquired catcher from the Angels on Saturday night. If Perez is added to the roster Monday to possibly allow an extra day or two to allow his bruised right hand to heal, the counter move could affect one of the relievers recently added to what now stands as a nine-man bullpen. So to make room for Perez, the Braves could remove either or Josh Ravin, who are both out of options.
The Braves will enter Monday with a rested bullpen and a four-man rotation that wasn't taxed during the three-game set against the Phillies. So, there might no longer be a need to carry as a reliever this week.
If Sanchez isn't added this week, he could start Class A Advanced Florida's season opener on Thursday and be in line to make his Atlanta debut on April 10, which is the first date the Braves need to utilize a fifth starter.
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Camargo is eligible to come off the disabled list on Thursday, which is an off-day for Atlanta. He could play for Florida that night and then join the Braves in Denver for Friday's series opener against the Rockies.
But because he has now missed three weeks of regular action and has shown he is a capable filler, it might make more sense to allow Camargo to spend a few games with Triple-A Gwinnett, which starts its season on Friday.

As of now, it would appear , who is also out options, would be the odd man out when Camargo arrives. But as the first few days of this season have proven, it's always wise to have a Plan B and a Plan C.
When is Acuna most likely going to make his debut?
-- @jacob_tinnell

If Acuna is added to Atlanta's roster at any point after April 13, the Braves would gain an extra year of contractual control. So, there's certainly a chance he could debut on April 14 at Wrigley Field.
Since playing for the Braves' Future Stars in Tuesday's exhibition game at SunTrust Park, Acuna has been working out with his Gwinnett teammates. Ten days separate that exhibition game and Gwinnett's season debut on Friday.
If Acuna is added to Atlanta's roster on April 14, he will have time to play six games (I'm not counting the game scheduled for April 13) for Gwinnett before potentially getting his first call to the Majors. With this in mind, the Braves could opt to delay his much-anticipated debut to April 16, when the Braves open a homestand against the Phillies.
What's your prediction for the Braves' 2020 rotation?
-- @Adam_Cathey

At some point within the next calendar year, I anticipate the Braves to utilize some of their organizational pitching depth to acquire a proven frontline starting pitcher who is under team control for a few seasons. The Tigers' was on Atlanta's radar this past winter, but he is just one of a few targets Atlanta could pursue. So let's start the 2020 rotation with TBD and add Mike Foltynewicz, who I still believe is mentally capable of optimizing his tremendous physical assets. The easiest portion of this prediction is , whose floor from a projectable standpoint seems to be a No. 3 starter.
Let's also add to the 2020 rotation. The final rotation spot will be filled by either Ian Anderson, or Joey Wentz.

While has tremendous potential, I think there is a strong possibility the Braves will try to sell high on him when given a chance over the course of the next year.
is a wild card within this projection. If he proves he can display consistent command this year, then maybe he can become a long-term rotation piece. But for now, I'll consider him to also be a potential trade chip.
If jumps from Class A Advanced to Triple-A this year, should we expect to see him on the 2019 big league roster?
-- @_DaltonSkaggs

Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos made it clear he likely wouldn't have jumped Acuna from Florida to Gwinnett last year. So, I think we should assume he will be more conservative with Pache's rise this year.
As Andruw Jones and Bobby Cox have both attested, Pache is an incredible defensive talent. The 19-year-old center fielder has matured physically and shown his skill set might now include some power. But I think it's going to take some time for him to fully develop from an offensive standpoint. So, I don't anticipate seeing him on Atlanta's roster before September of 2019.