J.D. Martinez shares what's in his locker

What embarrassing secrets hide inside?

May 14th, 2021

What could live inside a big leaguer's locker? Are they like your high school locker, crammed full of papers and taped-up Teen Beat covers? (OK, maybe people only did that in teen comedies.) Are they like the Mystery Spot and they seemingly defy the physical laws of nature? And, just as your office desk is covered with photos and tchotchkes you brought home from your last vacation, what items do ballplayers need to feel inspired at their place of business?

J.D. Martinez took us into his world recently for the debut episode of Big League Lockers on the MLB YouTube channel. Finally, a peek behind the curtain.

So, what does one of the game's best sluggers keep nearby? I won't spoil too much from the video, but just know that everyone in New England will probably love him just a little bit more after he revealed where he stops for his daily coffee and donut fix. Plus, Martinez keeps multiple pairs of Yeezy 350s in his locker so he can "stunt on the guys every now and then with them because they get jealous."

"So, Kanye if you ever see this," Martinez joked, "feel free to send me all the Yeezys you got."

And, of course, he's got to have a photo of his pup, Chewie. Yeah, that's right: Martinez is a "Star Wars" nerd, too. The stars, they're just like us!

For all the rest, make sure you check out the video above and then watch the rest of the great original content on the MLB YouTube page.