Daily updates on Jasson Dominguez from May

Keeping tabs on the Yankees' No. 1 prospect

June 1st, 2021

May 12: Dominguez back in action
While he still hasn't made his professional debut, Jasson Dominguez is putting his sweet swing in display at the Yankees' Minor League complex. It's the first real stateside look at the 18-year-old phenom, dubbed 'The Martian,' who has drawn some lofty comparisons, including Bo Jackson, Mickey Mantle and Mike Trout.

May 6: Debut on pause
Fans will have to wait a little longer for baseball's No. 27 prospect to make his professional debut, as Jasson Dominguez will start the season in extended Spring Training. "The Martian" has yet to play in a game stateside, but at just 18 years old, he still has plenty of time.

April 29: The time is almost now
You know the drill ... Jasson Dominguez has yet to make his pro debut but we're compelled to remind you that he draws comparisons to some of the best athletes in baseball history. Signed for $5.1 million out of the Dominican Republic in 2019, he has the potential for well-above-average tools across the board. More »

April 28: Is the Yankees farm on rise?
The 18-year-old, switch-hitting outfielder has all the tools of a Top 10 overall prospect, namely the plus power and 65-grade speed. Jasson Dominguez just hasn’t played in the Minors yet at any level. Putting those skills on display at Low-A Tampa would lock him in as one of the game’s brightest young talents, and that alone would make the Yankees a must-follow system in 2022. More »

April 12: Scouting report
Introduced to the New York organization at an early age, Dominguez was put on the Yankees radar by international scouting director Donny Rowland, assistant scouting director Edgar Mateo and other staff in the Dominican Republic.

“I’ve known J.D. since he was 13 and he’s been working out two or three times a day since he was a kid,” Mateo told MLB.com. “He’s relentless, just unstoppable and then he has God-given tools that separate him. He also understands that it’s a process and he’s a long way from the big leagues. He knows there’s a lot to be done before his mission is accomplished, and that’s why he works so hard.” More »

April 1: Showing otherworldly athleticism
Jasson Dominguez comes with more tools and more hype than any international prospect in recent memory. Signed for $5.1 million in July 2019, he could have well above-average tools across the board -- and he's also a switch-hitter with advanced instincts to go with his physical gifts. More »

March 18: Topping Yankees' new Top-30 list
The system features a heavy international flavor, led by Dominican outfielder Jasson Dominguez, who has the potential for well-above-average tools across the board but also has yet to make his pro debut. More »

March 12: Affected by new MiLB rules?
New York's top prospect will get plenty of attention wherever he goes in his first taste of the Minor Leagues, and that is widely expected to come at Low-A Tampa starting in May. That attention goes double for opposing pitchers who may be tempted to throw over constantly considering Jasson Dominguez's 65-grade speed. The new pickoff limit hurts their chances of doing that successfully. Following a second unsuccessful pickoff, Dominguez (and many Low-A speedsters like him) will be tempted to extend massive leads off first base, leading to easier and more successful stolen-base attempts. A lot of eyes will be on what kind of power Dominguez can deliver stateside, but don't be surprised if his steal total is more eye-popping than his homer number in 2021. More »

March 5: NY's prospect with the most power
The most tooled-up and hyped international prospect in recent memory, Jasson Dominguez could have well-above-average tools across the board and his power might be the most impressive of all. Signed for $5.1 million out of the Dominican Republic in 2019, he has yet to make his pro debut but he's a switch-hitter with tremendous bat speed and strength from both sides of the plate and a disciplined approach. More »

Feb. 19: Their favorite 'Martian'
Even before taking his first professional at-bat, Jasson Dominguez has become one of the most talked-about prospects in all of baseball. Yankees camp is no exception, where players buzz about an 18-year-old switch-hitter who has drawn physical comparisons to Bo Jackson, Mickey Mantle and Mike Trout.

"He's a great kid," said Yankees manager Aaron Boone, who met Dominguez during a 2019 trip to the Dominican Republic. "The day I was with them, he was taking batting practice with Gary [Sánchez] and [Miguel Andújar]. He was looking the part.

"He's a very physical kid, a lot of tremendous physical attributes. It looks like the makeup is really good on him as well. I do look forward to him starting to build some game-playing experience and creating his own path." More »