Here's the scoop on Jazz's ice cream glove

March 25th, 2022

JUPITER, Fla. -- Marlins second baseman  is unabashedly himself.

From the blue hair Chisholm debuted ahead of Opening Day 2021 to his custom chains to his Grand Theft Auto cleats, the 24-year-old Bahamian is a trendsetter. He has taken it to another level this Spring Training, debuting an ice cream glove designed by ARiA Collective (Absolutely Ridiculous Innovation for Athletes).

The partnership began to take shape toward the end of November, when Chisholm's agent asked how he wanted to customize his gloves for the 2022 season. ARiA, whose slogan is "Where sport is art," caught Chisholm's attention. After a meeting to brainstorm ideas, it soon became clear they were a perfect match.

"I wanted to be myself," Chisholm said. "Colors isn't just me. It has to mean something to me. So when I got in contact with these guys, and we started talking, they were like, 'Hey, want to hop on board with this?' And I was like, 'Yeah, but let's try and do some different things.' They agreed, and they liked it because, honestly, ARiA is a collective group of athletes that are artists, or athletes turned artists."

The glove Chisholm has been using this spring resembles a waffle cone with strawberry topping and sprinkles, one of three designs in the ice creamery line imagined by ARiA. The luxury detailing has Chisholm's logo, which is the silhouette of a web gem he made during a 2020 game against the Rays.

The next drop is inspired by Chisholm's favorite ice cream flavor -- cookies and cream -- a black waffle ice cream cone called "the banned glove." According to ARiA's site, it is set to launch on Thursday, with only 200 to be sold.

"We came up with that together," Chisholm said. "It was just like a collective group of just thoughts going into it. The ice cream was something that they know they can do quicker than anything else, because my design still hasn't come yet, so it's a long process with the designing and stuff. I have probably like two or three different designs that I still haven't dropped yet."

Those include gloves featuring a crown (his full name is Jasrado Prince Hermis Arrington Chisholm Jr.), and his favorite anime character (Black Clover). Expect there to be some purple, which not only is Chisholm's favorite color but historically also represents royalty, wealth and power.

"When people see that, I feel like it's going to be a love/hate one," Chisholm said.

No matter what glove Chisholm decides to wear this season, he'll be sure to flash the leather. He recorded five Defensive Runs Saved at second last season, eighth-most among all MLB second basemen who played at least 300 innings.