Ever seen a 4-base error? Now you have

Rangers score run on unusual play for Angels' Adell in RF

August 10th, 2020

ARLINGTON -- Rangers outfielder was credited with his first home run of the season, with an assist from Angels right fielder .

Then, a few innings later, Solak's home run was taken away, and Adell was charged with an error.

A rare four-base error.

Solak, who was batting with two outs in the fifth inning of Texas' 7-3 win on Sunday at Globe Life Field, hit a fly ball to deep right. Adell seemed to have a little trouble tracking it to the warning track, but he got there in plenty of time to get his glove in position.

However, the ball caromed off Adell's glove, popping out and over the fence. Solak circled the bases while the Angels’ top prospect stood there with his arms wrapped around his head.

"I had an issue with picking that ball back up through the dome with the way it's shaped,” Adell said. “It was a tough read. And it popped out."

Official scorer Larry Bump initially credited Solak with a home run. He later consulted with Elias Sports Bureau and decided to instead charge Adell with an error.

The explanation was that the play would have been ruled an error anywhere else on the field if the ball did not go over the fence, so it was ruled an error on this play as well.

The last time that a player advanced four bases on an error (only counting instances in which one error occurred on the play) was on April 24, 2015, when a ball ricocheted off the glove of Toronto left fielder Steve Tolleson and rolled to the center-field wall, allowing Tampa Bay's Kevin Kiermaier to round the bases and score.

Rangers fans are probably eager to point out what happened on May 26, 1993, when Texas right fielder Jose Canseco had a fly ball bounce off his head and over the fence in Cleveland. Indians designated hitter Carlos Martinez was credited with a home run on that play.

The Rangers will file an appeal on this one.

“Yeah, I think I deserve a home run, for sure,” Solak said. “If I were a scorer, I’d always err on the side of giving guys more hits, but that’s me, personally.”