Jansen in good spirits following heart procedure

Dodgers closer confident problem is fixed, will resume workouts Monday

November 28th, 2018

LOS ANGELES -- Dodgers closer told MLB Network on Wednesday that "everything went fantastic" during his 5 1/2-hour heart procedure on Monday.
For the second time in his big league career, Jansen required a catheter ablation performed by Dr. Koonlawee Nademanee to correct a defect that triggered an irregular heartbeat.
Jansen, 31, suffered an atrial fibrillation episode in August in Denver as a result of the condition. He skipped a return trip against the Rockies in September after the cardiologist advised he would be at "high risk" of another incident.
Jansen said his doctor couldn't promise that he's 100 percent cured, but both are confident the problem is "fixed."
"They find the problem and put my heart back to normal," Jansen said. "Now it's recovery time. A little chest tightness and pain inside, but feeling much better.
"The doctor explained, 'Nothing is guaranteed in life.' But he tells me the percentage is higher that it won't happen [anymore]. At least 90 percent this won't ever happen again in my life. I'm an athlete, I still have to go to Colorado; those things make it so you can't be 100 percent it won't ever happen. But he believes this won't happen anymore. It was good to go in, find the problem and fix it."

Jansen said his spirits were lifted when many of his teammates, as well as former Dodgers GM and new Giants executive Farhan Zaidi, texted him. He awoke from anesthesia to the voice of manager Dave Roberts, who drove up from his San Diego County home for a hospital visit.
"That was awesome," Jansen said.
Jansen will resume workouts on Monday. He will be on blood thinners for the next two months, but he is expected to be ready for the start of Spring Training.
Jansen said he was sick and dehydrated the day he suffered his latest episode in Denver in August, and must be diligent about his fluid intake, especially at altitude.
"In Colorado, it's just stay hydrated," Jansen said. "The team has to provide me with IVs every day. That's a big part -- it's the reason why this happened in August. I had diarrhea in Oakland the day before, forgot to take electrolytes, got dehydrated and triggered it. That's a big key -- stay hydrated, got to make sure so this won't happen again."
After missing time in August, Jansen allowed seven runs in four innings in his first four appearances off the disabled list, but he settled in to post a 2.70 ERA in his final 14 regular-season appearances (13 1/3 innings). He pitched 6 2/3 scoreless frames in the National League Division Series and NL Championship Series, but he gave up two home runs and blew both of his save opportunities against the Red Sox in the World Series.
Jansen underwent a catheter ablation in the left atrium of his heart after the 2012 season to cauterize the damaged area and prevent it from generating abnormal electrical signals.