Don't blink! Or you'll miss this amazing play

June 24th, 2019

Second basemen often take a back seat to shortstops as the top gloves in the infield. But on Sunday night at Busch Stadium, Cardinals second baseman turned in as pretty and as graceful of a defensive play as you'll ever see.

With the Angels leading 1-0 and Justin Upton on first base after a leadoff walk in the third inning, Kole Calhoun hit a bouncer up the middle. Wong ranged to his right, took the high hop in his glove and in one motion deftly directed the ball to shortstop Paul DeJong. Before DeJong even caught the ball for the force, you could hear the amazed reaction from the fans in the stands. DeJong then fired to first to complete the double play, but the play was all Wong.

Shut out until the ninth inning, St. Louis rallied for four runs after there were two outs in the inning, but ultimately fell, 6-4.