'Is he crying?' Cain HRs, taunts kids in yard

November 14th, 2020

There's no crying in baseball.

We've all heard the phrase, and Brewers center fielder had occasion to recall it when he launched a ball over the fence and out of the backyard against his three sons Friday. The moment was captured on video and posted on Instagram by Cain's wife, Jenny.

In the video, you can watch Cain celebrate his way around the bases as the kids lament that the ball he smashed was the last one they had to play with.

"Yeah, we can't play anymore because I hit all those balls out there," Cain gushed while rounding third.

Then one of the boys headed into the house as Cain crossed the plate, and the next thing you hear is a child crying.

"Is he crying?" asked Cain.

Apparently he was. But don't fret -- Jenny posted that more baseballs were found and the game continued. One of the boys, Cameron, even belted his own home run over the fence.

We don't exactly know whether "there's no crying in baseball" was ever jokingly uttered in the aftermath of LoCain's homer barrage. Either way, the phrase remains legendary and the Cain kids played some ball with their big league dad in the backyard. Sounds like a great day.