Stroman on Ohtani: He's a 'mythical legend'

May 20th, 2021

is a two-way superstar, the current MLB home run leader (14) and could end up winning the 2021 AL MVP Award if he keeps up the incredible run he's been on this season. Shohei Ohtani also is, according to one current MLB pitcher, "a mythical legend in human form."

That amazing (and accurate) observation was shared by Mets starter , whose full tweet Wednesday morning said: "Ohtani is a mythical legend in human form. What he’s doing is beyond incredible. Everyone in the big leagues is in awe of his talent. After games, I be running to my phone to check and see what Ohtani did on the night! Lol"

Stroman is the latest in a long line of people -- both MLB players and stars from other sports -- to be mystified by what Ohtani has accomplished on the field this season. And the mythical legend was back in action tonight, as Ohtani got the start against the Indians while also batting second in the Angels' lineup (and you can watch the game free on MLB.TV).