Joey Gallo, baseball's Luke Skywalker

If Mark Hamill says it, it must be true

February 25th, 2020

In the early years of the past decade, there was a certain genre of internet sports blog post that matched players to characters in a hit TV show or movie. It started spirited debates in the comments sections about whether Adrián Beltré was more Jon Snow or Jorah Mormont and if Clayton Kershaw was closer to Doctor Strange or Captain America.

Those sorts of posts have mostly fallen by the wayside, but that doesn't mean the debates they start have become any less interesting.

One method that is not effective in answering these sorts of questions is to go straight to the players themselves. Ask a group which Harry Potter character they are and you'll end up with a bunch of Harrys and Dumbledores and no Malfoys. Ask about Star Wars characters and you'll have a lot of Luke Skywalkers and not too many Darth Vaders.

It's no surprise, then, that Rangers slugger Joey Gallo sees a bit of Skywalker in himself -- everyone wants to think that. But, when Luke Skywalker himself notices a connection with Gallo, that lends some real gravitas to the comparison.

Obviously, The Force is quite powerful when used by Skywalker and there's little doubt it's behind some of the towering dingers Gallo frequently hits. Still, one would think a Jedi wouldn't strike out so much. After all, Skywalker has proven effective at hitting flying objects even without the use of his eyes.