How much is a Mark Zuckerberg card worth? We're going to find out

He's apparently a .920 hitter?

August 4th, 2022

What are some of the baseball cards you'd most like to get?

Maybe it's the Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps? Or the T206 Honus Wagner that, even ripped, sold for half a million? Or perhaps you just want to blow up Rob Murphy's laptop card and frame it for your bedroom wall?

No, no, you don't want any of these. The only one you want, the only one you really need: Mark Zuckerberg's signed baseball card.

The card is of a nine-year-old Mark Zuckerberg from Elmwood Day Camp in Westchester, NY. Camp counselor Allie Tarantino found it a few years ago in a box of memorabilia -- Zuckerberg had given it away when he left the camp three decades ago -- and now he's putting it up for auction as both a physical card and NFT.

"I'm a sentimentalist at heart. When people give me something, I hold on to it, I've kind of always been like that," Tarantino told the Associated Press.

The physical version will be bid on in U.S. dollars, while the digital copy will be sold using Ethereum blockchain currency. The auction is set to take place some time next month through ComicConnect, although, as you may have guessed, the market for a Mark Zuckerberg baseball card seems unclear. It does state on the back that Zuckerberg is a .920 career hitter, which may be worth the purchase alone. Tarantino is hopeful the name and weirdness could fetch him some major cash.

"As somebody who collects things, it’s always really difficult to part with whatever you have in your collection," he said. "But I’ve always been like weirdly curious about how the public would react to something that’s like this that’s a weird combination of pop culture and memorabilia."

Who knows? Maybe $1,000. Maybe $1 million. But, hey, do you know what's cooler than $1 million?