COVID-19 protocols for Marlins Park announced

March 19th, 2021

MIAMI -- In less than two weeks, fans will be able to attend a game at Marlins Park for the first time in 557 days, but who's counting? The Marlins will host the reigning American League champion Rays at 4:10 p.m. ET on April 1 in front of an adjusted-capacity crowd.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans weren't in attendance as the franchise snapped a 17-year postseason drought in 2020. With a competitive National League East and AL Interleague matchups on tap for '21, there will be plenty of storylines to follow in person. The Marlins also were named MLB Pipeline's fourth-best farm system, so more talent is on the way.

"Last year was a very important year for the organization with the tangible progress made on the field, our ability to continue to engage fans while at home," Marlins chief revenue officer Adam Jones said. "It was not the same without fans here at the ballpark, but the opportunity [is here] as we continue to build and grow on the field, to welcome them back in and let them be part of this experience with us."

To ensure the health and safety of everyone in attendance, the Marlins have implemented various measures around the ballpark. Though tickets for Opening Day are sold out, a limited quantity is available for the rest of the homestand. The Marlins recommend buying tickets early, with seats up for purchase in the lower bowl and the vista level.

Like the rest of South Florida, the Marlins are optimistic that conditions will continue to improve over the course of the summer and fall. If that is the case, there will be increased capacity and pulled-back measures in coordination with the Commissioner's Office, other Major League clubs and local health officials.

"For us, it's finding that right balance around assuring health and safety, as well as preserving as much of the ballpark experience, attending a baseball game, as we can," Jones said. "And I think that's the the balance that we're going to look to strike as we get into the season on April 1 and welcome more people back into the ballpark hopefully later in the year."

Below is a guide on what to expect at Marlins home games through June. For more information, visit here.

Arriving at the ballpark

1. Free-flow parking at all Marlins Park garages with contactless, mobile payment

• Pricing -- Weekdays (Mon-Fri) $15; weekends (Sat-Sun) $20 ($15 advance purchase); marquee games $25 ($20 advance purchase)

• Eliminates person-to-person contact like rolling down window, paying of cash or credit

2. Face coverings are mandatory for all guests ages two and over

• Permitted: KN95, N95, cloth, surgical/3-ply and face shield (only when accompanied by another approved face covering)

• Masks may only be momentarily removed when actively consuming food and beverages from ticketed seats.

3. Contactless security and mobile ticket entry through MLB Ballpark app

• Guests are encouraged to enter the ballpark at the suggested location listed on each ticket.

Inside the ballpark

1. Sanitation

The Marlins partnered with Lysol, Florida Pest Control and parent company Rentokil, a global leader in disinfection, hygiene, and pest control services. By enrolling in the WELL Health-Safety Rating, the organization hopes to ease any possible concerns from fans.

• Surfaces and objects touched frequently will be regularly disinfected.

• Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout Marlins Park.

• The drone disinfection program will have licensed pilots use FAA-approved, state-of-the-art technology and flight path programming for a targeted approach to cover large open areas, including the seating bowl inside Marlins Park. The formula, which will not leave behind harsh fumes or visible residue, inactivates pathogens within four minutes of application.

2. Food and beverage

• Will be sold at select locations inside Marlins Park, and fans will have a mobile order option for pick-up. That will reduce time waiting in line and traffic density.

• Ordering from one's seat is recommended, though one can also do so from the promenade level. The QR code will redirect to the menu.

• All items will be individually packaged, sealed and covered. Food and beverage should be consumed in fans’ assigned seats.

3. Communal spaces

• The Marlins want to avoid fans congregating in areas, but sections like the Budweiser Bar and AutoNation Alley will have spaces for socially distanced pods.

• The Home Run Derby VR experience will not be available in the beginning of the season.

"There is an ability to walk the ballpark," said Michael Shaw, Marlins head of experience and innovation. "We are very fortunate here at Marlins Park -- one of the few ballparks that has 360-degree views, so we won't inhibit or prohibit any of our guests from walking. We want you to enjoy the ballpark, and to maintain that experience. We will have standing areas with some guidance around where you can stand, but the goal is to maintain some of that freedom so that you can enjoy the game, either seated or standing."