Marlins Park transformed into golf course

Venue offering unique playing experience through Sunday

January 18th, 2019

MIAMI -- Marlins Park has undergone a makeover this offseason, with some of the additions being a new multitiered party zone in center field and a standing room only social section in right field.

This weekend, the ballpark is transitioning into a golf course for three days. The Marlins have partnered with Stadiumlinks to transform Marlins Park into a nine-hole golf course through Sunday.

"We want people to come here, regardless of whether or not they are a baseball fan," Marlins president of business operations Chip Bowers said. "We're going to make them a baseball fan. We want people here in South Florida and Miami to come out and know that Marlins Park is an asset. We're going to have a lot of diverse experiences that reflect the diversity of the community. We're excited about it."

Golf is a big part of the South Florida community, and working with Stadiumlinks, Marlins Park is offering a unique playing experience.

Nine holes have been outlined on the outfield grass, with stations to tee off set up throughout the stadium -- from the upper deck to levels closer to the playing field.

Adding a weekend golf event is part of a continued club initiative to make Marlins Park a destination.

"We have a lot of events coming to Marlins Park," Bowers said. "The idea is to introduce this park and this product to a lot of people, and get them excited about coming back for Marlins games."

Golf will be played with the backdrop of the other stadium enhancements.

All of the stadium projects are on schedule to be completed by Opening Day, which is March 28 against the Rockies.

"The Center Field Zone is coming together really nicely, and the [Standing Room Only] Social Section," Bowers said. "I think we're going to have products for the first time here at Marlins Park that are going to appeal to a lot of different folks. We want to have amenities for all fans."

Earlier in the offseason, the Marlins announced they were removing the colorful, elaborate home run sculpture, a staple at the park since it opened in 2012. The sculpture will be relocated to an art walk that will be designed and open to the public outside Marlins Park in '20.

"We actually are doing a lot of diligence around that," Bowers said. "As we've commented from the outset, it's really important that when we started to relocate the home run sculpture, that we did it the right way.

"We're doing a lot of studies on how to put it back together. When we put it back together, in part of the new art walk that we're putting together, we've got to make sure that it's done well, and works appropriately, so when we open it up for business, it's really a true art walk."

The Marlins are in the process of planning other ways to celebrate home runs.

"We're working through that," Bowers said. "We definitely will celebrate home runs. That's certainly what our fans want. We're thinking about how best to do that. The one thing we don't do is underthink a process. We're not there yet, but we'll be there by Opening Day."