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The memory of Bucky Dent is haunting the Red Sox

October 5th, 2021

The MLB playoffs begin today and, to kick things off in the win-or-go-home AL Wild Card Game, baseball's greatest rivals will square off at Fenway Park: the Boston Red Sox against the New York Yankees. In the Wild Card era, the two teams have played each other incredibly close in the postseason -- nearly tied in wins/losses, runs scored and any other stat you can think of.

The one-and-done game also brings back memories of another famous one-and-done game: 43 years ago, on Oct. 2, 1978, the two teams had a one-game tiebreaker to see who would advance to the American League Championship Series. Bucky Dent, a player with just five homers that year, hit a shocking, seventh-inning three-run homer to put the Yankees on top, 3-2, and give them the lead for good. It's a home run that spawned a not-so-flattering nickname for Dent in Boston and became something Sox fans couldn't stop being angry about for years afterwards. The year 1978 was just as cursed as the Babe Ruth trade. Gerrit Cole even brought it up in a press conference this week.

But that was almost five decades ago. The Red Sox have won four championships since 2004 -- the Yankees have one in the last 20 years -- that 1978 stuff was over and done with ... right?


But also, it seems that Bucky Dent was trying to send a message on the eve of the Wild Card Game via the Massachusetts State Lottery.

Somebody please check on Ben Affleck.