Competitive Balance rounds set for '23 Draft

December 1st, 2022

While the top of the 2023 Draft order is yet to be determined, with the first-ever Draft Lottery set for Tuesday, some things are starting to take shape later on in the Draft, particularly after the first and second rounds. That’s because the Competitive Balance rounds have now been set.

Since 2017, Major League Baseball has used a formula that combines revenue, winning percentage and market score to award Draft picks to teams that fall in the bottom 10 in revenue or market size. The Competitive Balance Draft picks can be traded. In 2022, there were 15 teams awarded picks in the two rounds, seven in Round A and eight in Round B. This year, there will be eight in Round A and six in Round B, with the Padres dropping out.

Competitive Balance Round A takes place after the completion of the first round while Round B is held after the second round is over. The picks have been awarded for 2023 as follows:

Round A

1. Mariners
2. Rays
3. Brewers
4. Twins
5. Marlins
6. Tigers
7. Reds
8. A’s

Round B

1. Guardians
2. Orioles
3. D-backs
4. Rockies
5. Royals
6. Pirates

Pick numbers are subject to change based on trades and qualifying free-agent signings. These are the only MLB Draft picks that can be dealt and three changed hands prior to the 2022 Draft. It remains to be seen how signings will impact the overall Draft order, with 12 of the 14 free agents who were given qualifying offers turning them down. Since this system began in 2012, only 13 of the 124 players to receive a QO have accepted it.

Players who accept qualifying offers -- this year, that’s the Giants’ Joc Pederson and the Rangers’ Martín Pérez -- are signed with their teams for the next season at the designated value. Those who don't accept remain free agents, and if a new team signs them, their old team receives Draft pick compensation. Thus far, only one player has signed with a new team. The Dodgers will get a pick following the fourth round due to Tyler Anderson signing with the Angels. Anthony Rizzo declined the Yankees’ qualifying offer, but re-signed with the club, so New York does not get compensation for that.

Here are the remaining unsigned free agents who declined the QO and what compensation each team would get:

Braves -- Dansby Swanson: Pick after Competitive Balance Round B
Cubs -- Willson Contreras: Pick after Competitive Balance Round B
Dodgers -- Trea Turner: Pick after completion of Round 4
Giants -- Carlos Rodón: Pick after Competitive Balance Round B
Mets -- Chris Bassitt: Pick after completion of Round 4
Mets -- Jacob deGrom: Pick after completion of Round 4
Mets -- Brandon Nimmo: Pick after completion of Round 4
Red Sox -- Xander Bogaerts: Pick after completion of Round 4
Red Sox -- Nathan Eovaldi: Pick after completion of Round 4
Yankees -- Aaron Judge: Pick after completion of Round 4