MLB, MLBPA held bargaining session

January 13th, 2022

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association held a bargaining session on Thursday, returning to the table (via Zoom) in an effort to work toward a new collective bargaining agreement.

MLB -- which initiated the sit-down -- was expected to make a new proposal regarding some core economic and competitive issues at the meeting to address players’ concerns, the first since the lockout began on Dec. 2.

The two sides have met on other issues in the weeks since the lockout began, but they have not discussed any core economic issues during that time.

During the final meeting on Dec. 1, MLB made a proposal that the union rejected, paving the way for the lockout to begin just hours later. The league has been working on proposals to create a path for a deal, a source said, one likely built upon some of the concessions that have already been on the table.

Among those are a Draft lottery that would help disincentivize tanking, the elimination of the qualifying offer system, the universal designated hitter and an increase in the minimum salary for younger players.

The MLBPA has been seeking more material gains, including changes to free agency, Super 2 eligibility and revenue sharing.