MLB expands NFT partnership with Candy Digital

Partnership revolutionizes baseball cards for digital age

April 12th, 2022

Collector's items have been around since the inception of baseball. From the creation of baseball cards at the start of the 19th century to the modernization of said collections via the internet, fans of America’s pastime have always had a unique and evolving way to keep track of their favorite players.

This season, Candy Digital, a next-generation digital collectible company, is turning the art of collecting baseball memorabilia on its head with its new MLB ICON Leadoff NFT collectibles. The collection, done in partnership with Major League Baseball and MLB Players, Inc., will include 720 featured players whose stats will be updated daily throughout the season, turning each NFT into a living, breathing baseball card. Each NFT will have distinct versions and rarity levels (Core, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary) available for fans to collect and trade.

The newest collection of Leadoff Series packs will be available on noon ET Tuesday at The collectibles use officially licensed video from MLB to create unparalleled digital collectibles for fans, and each NFT features a unique multimedia showcase of each player's highlights.

Candy Digital will also be producing daily MLB Play of the Day NFTs, a unique digital collectible that was first introduced during the 2021 postseason. Each day during the 2022 MLB season, one moment will be picked as an open edition NFT available for purchase for a limited time the following day.

Candy Digital’s NFT partnership with Major League Baseball started last July with its 1-of-1 Lou Gehrig NFT that featured excerpts of his iconic “Luckiest Man” speech. It raised more than $70,000 for ALS charities.

After that, Candy Digital introduced NFTs that celebrated 2021 World Series champions, All-Stars and top prospects as part of its 2021 MLB ICON packs and the MLB Stadium Series, which brought each MLB team’s iconic venue to life through unique imagery created by renowned digital artist S. Preston.

This year’s Leadoff Series will also introduce eight ultra-rare Candy World Series NFTs, with more information being revealed at a later date. Each pack will cost $50 and will contain five NFTs. Those packs will be released on the following drop dates: April 19, May 3, May 10, May 24, May 31, June 14 and June 21.